How to Remove Error from MS Outlook to Open Inaccessible OST File?


Outlook is a popular email application having millions of users across the globe. The advanced features present in the application adds ease in email management.

Outlook stores emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, notes, etc. in the Outlook data file. This data file could be PST or OST depending on the Outlook version. The Outlook 2010 and above version stores the, Exchange, IMAP email account, Office 365 email account data in OST file. This is the default file that Outlook creates and store in the user profile folder present under “AppData”.

If users want to change this location, they can do it based on their requirements. The benefit of OST file is that, it allows users to work offline. And a lot of times users want to convert OST file into PST file format, in case something goes wrong with the OST file.

In case of internet connectivity issues, this does wonders. A user can work on the file, save the data and synchronize changes with Exchange server once internet connectivity resumes.

However, there are times come when users face problems in synching OST file with Outlook. And Outlook pops up error messages. The reasons for error messages could be many, such as:

  • When OST get corrupt or inaccessible.
  • There is some problem in the storage media.
  • Accessing OST file with a different profile of Outlook.
  • Faulty Add-ins.
  • Corrupt Outlook profile.
  • Conflict with other applications present in the device.

The common error Outlook reflect when you try to upload an unhealthy OST file.

Different Ways To Fix Corrupt OST Problem showing various types of Errors

For instance, know how to Fix ‘file access is denied’ error in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019 in Windows.

Solution 1: Check File Permissions      

If you don’t have file permission or Outlook data file ownership, OST can prevent you from accessing the Outlook account as Outlook would not be able to access or work on OST file. You can follow these steps to fix this issue.

  • Open Outlook OST file, then right click on the file to get the option ‘properties’.
  • In the drop down click on the option Security tab followed by Advanced button.
  • Tap on the option ‘Change’, then tap on ‘Enter the object name to select box’. Next, enter the username and tap on the CheckNames button.
  • Select your username if it is not visible by default and then click on the Ok button.
  • In the Access column present next to your username, there must be written ‘Full Control’. Click on the Ok button present there.
  • Reopen the Outlook after that and check if the error persist.

Solution 2: Run Outlook as administrator.

If the OST has been saved at a location that requires UAC permission token, and you do not have the required permission to operate then also, it will lead to this error.

The error can be fixed by running Outlook as administrator. To do this, right-click on the Outlook application icon and select option, ‘Run as administrator’.

Additionally, you can disable UAC for fixing error, however, it is not recommended at it compromises the device security.

Solution 3: Close all Conflicting Applications

Application like Skype and Lync for business uses OST data file to store information. These applications sometimes lock the OST file for Outlook access. As a result, Outlook displays error like access denied. Same happens with anti-virus. If this is the case, close all these applications from the taskbar.

Solution 4: Repair OST File

There could be a problem with OST file which preventing Outlook from accessing its data. It can be because of the integrity issues, system crash, force close or abrupt shutdown.

To fix issues in OST file, MS Outlook provides an inbuilt tool ScanOST.exe. Use the same to fix OST file issues. However, if the issue persists, try any third party OST repair software or convert OST to PST  to get rid all OST file issues immediately. As you convert the .ost file into .pst file, you can easily import converted PST in any MS Outlook without any problem. But, it is recommended to opt a reliable OST converter to perform this job. These file conversion wizards are designed specifically to convert multiple large OST files into PST keeping the folder structure intact. Also, they ensure full-proof migration of OST to PST without any data loss. It is far better to use a third party tool than using any manual techniques to convert OST into PST file format.

Bottom Line

There are several possibilities which leads to an OST file error and to fix them all is not always possible manually. Small errors can be easily rectified with the inbuilt ScanOST tool but if the issue is bigger then OST to PST conversion is the only way out. In this way you can create a a healthy PST file from a corrupt or erroneous OST file and import PST in MS Outlook.

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