How to remove a stain on carpets?

How to remove a stain on carpets

Fortunately, there are many simple techniques for removing stains on your carpets. Water-soluble stains can usually be removed the most easily. However, it may be necessary to repeat these steps if the stain rehydrates. You can use a wet/dry vac or a clean dry cloth to absorb any excess moisture. Alternatively, you can mix baking soda with water in a small bowl. After applying the paste to the stained area, wait for the mixture to dry.

5 Best Tricks To Remove A Stain On Carpets

Here, we will give some important information about how to remove carpet stains. Follow these tricks and you’ll know how to get rid of carpet stains exactly. 

1. Water-soluble stains are easiest to remove

Most water-soluble stains can be removed with a household cleaner, and they include berries, ice cream, mud, paint, and excrement. Special stains, however, require special cleaning solutions. In general, water-soluble stains are the easiest to remove from carpets, as they can be easily soaked up into the padding, spread to the floor, and re-hydrate after 30 minutes.

Most water-based stains on carpets can be removed by using a household product or a commercial cleaner. Water-soluble stains should be treated as soon as possible. Blotting up will not remove older spills, and it will not work if the stain has dried. Instead, you may need to repeat the cleaning process several times until the stain is completely removed. Depending on the type of stain, a solution of eight ounces of water and one tablespoon of clear hand dish soap will work best. Then, rinse the cloth thoroughly with clean water.

2. Baking soda

If the stain is fresh and new, it will be much easier to remove with baking soda. When dealing with a stain on a new carpet, sprinkle the soda on the spot using a shaker bottle and then cover the area with a damp cloth. Let it sit for three hours before vacuuming it up. This method works best if you can do it before you go to bed or leave the house.

You can sprinkle baking soda directly from the box or use a fine-mesh sieve to make sure you get all of the areas. If the carpet is deep-pile, sprinkle small portions and work them with your fingers. After the baking soda has dried, vacuum up the area and replace any furniture. Using baking soda as a stain remover is not recommended for carpets made of soft fabric.

3. Vinegar

Although vinegar is a common household cleaner, you should be careful when using it to remove stains on carpets. The substance contains acid and can damage carpet fibers. Use vinegar on a small patch of the carpet before attempting to treat the stain. Always double the amount of vinegar to remove a stubborn stain. If the stain remains, you should repeat the process a few times. If this method doesn’t work, you can dilute the vinegar further to make it more effective.

You can also mix a solution of equal parts of vinegar and water to tackle large stains. Mix two cups of vinegar and two cups of water. Soak the area with the solution to cut through the stain and neutralize the smell. Once the stain has been soaked, blot dry using a paper towel. Allow the area to air dry completely before attempting to remove the stain.

4. Water

You may have noticed a water stain on your carpet. Fortunately, it can easily be removed. All you have to do is apply a white cloth to the area and suck up the water. You should avoid rubbing back and forth as this may only aggravate the stain. Instead, dab the stain with a clean cloth and repeat until the water has been absorbed.

White vinegar is also a useful cleaning agent for carpet stains. Mix one part vinegar and two parts water and apply it to the affected area using a clean cloth. It will help lift the stain from the carpet’s edges. Press the stain gently with the cloth so as not to wring it too much. Once the area has absorbed the vinegar, allow it to dry. This will remove the stain.

5. Ice cubes

If you have ever dragged a heavy piece of furniture across your carpet and then noticed a small dent, you may have heard of the trick of using ice cubes to remove a stain. This technique works by expanding the fibers of the carpet as the water melted from the ice cubes melts, adding girth to the carpet. It may take several ice cubes to completely remove the stain, so use caution when trying this method.


First, place an ice cube in the dent of the carpet and let it sit for several hours. The ice will gradually melt. After this time, remove the ice cubes and blot the area with a paper towel or coin. Repeat this process every couple of hours. After 12 hours, the carpet will be completely dry. Afterward, use a spoon or coin to gently push the carpet fibers back into their upright position.


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