How to Recover Deleted Videos from a Hard Drive

Recover Deleted Videos from a Hard Drive

Recovering files and folders is actually a big task for users who disagree with the notion of using tool solutions. So let’s begin this article. Do you want to repair or recover corrupted and deleted files from the hard disk? Recovering the shift+delete videos, photos, and documents from the internal and external hard drive. You do not have to worry about the situation of your hard drive. You can safely recover deleted videos from a hard drive, whether the data was deleted by your intention or may have been corrupted.

User Query:

Hello, can you please suggest a solution to my hard drive recovery? Actually, I was deleting all the unnecessary videos from my laptop when I accidentally deleted my occasion video. Is there any chance to get my video back?

Let’s solve his query.

  • Familiar Reasons for Video Deletion
  • The deletion of video clips by mistake.
  • You deleted the videos by pressing delete+shift keys by intention, and now you require them.
  • You forgot to take a backup and formatted your hard drive
  • Maybe you emptied the recycle bin.
  • Virus infection on your hard drive

Do not stress about your deleted files and videos from the hard disk. It can be easily recovered. Users can safely recover photos, audio files, documents, files, folders, and all other types of hard drive databases using hard drive recovery software.

Three Methods to Recover Deleted Videos From a Hard Drive

Using Command Promot to Recover Deleted Folders

Let’s start the retrieval process of deleted videos, photos, and documents from the hard drive. Then track the steps given below.

  • Select and hold down the “Windows + R” keys and type “CMD” in the writing space.
  • In the CMD window, type “chkdsk, ‘drive letter’ /f” and hit enter.
  • To continue the process, press the “Y” key and enter.
  • After that, the user must press the “F” key and then press the “enter” button.
  • Type this command: F:>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and then press the enter key.

Using the Recycle Bin Method to Recover Deleted Videos

Have you accidentally deleted your videos and photos? Now you want all the files back. This method will work only if you have not permanently deleted the items by using shift + delete. Normally, deleted files by right-clicking on video or images are easily recoverable through the recycle bin. So learn the steps to restore the video from the recycle bin:

  • Right-click on the recycle bin icon.
  • Select “open” from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you must choose the files you want to restore.
  • Right-click on the files you want to restore and select Restore.

Using the manual method always has a history of limitations and drawbacks. You may permanently lose your files or folders while retrieving them. I would like to advise you to follow up with an expert solution.

Using Instant Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Step 1 – Download and Install Software

First, download the hard drive data recovery software and install it on your system. Now open Start and search for the program in the search option. and click to open it.

Step – 2 Scan of Data

Now you have two options for scanning: “scan” and “formatted scan”.
Choose one scan option according to your requirements to recover deleted videos from a hard drive. If you choose the scan option at that time, only deleted or corrupted data will be recovered. And when you choose the formatted scan option, the mistakably deleted data will be recovered. Click on Scan to Proceed

Step – 3 Preview Report

The tool will show you all the recovered documents, photos, videos, files, etc. as a preview. To see the preview, users need to wait till the progress report is at 100%.

Step – 4 Retrieved Files

This software shows the result data in the right panel. The shift+ delete file appears in red. Just choose the data you are looking for and save it.

Step – 5 Save the Recovered Files

Choose the location of the recovered data files and save them.

Last Words

In conclusion, I will describe the whole concept to recover deleted videos from a hard drive. With the manual and automatic solutions, I have an elaborate guide of two manual methods to recover deleted files and folders from the hard disk. But the fact is that no manual method works on permanently deleted files, so go with expert-recommended hard drive data recovery software.


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