How to prevent Xresolver’s database from being added?

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Xresolve PS4: available on the Internet

Xresolve PS4 is a topic in the discussions of so many players that it becomes important to have something to say about it.

Like any digital phenomenon, games have also evolved a lot in recent decades. There was a time when everything was happy with very limit single player games, with poor graphics.

But not anymore, as the competition grows, game console manufacturers are leaving no stones unturned in their quest to be the best among many.

In this regard, Xbox and PS4 come to mind, which have met many of the up-to-date gaming needs of the millions of users who are into the games these consoles offer.

With so many new innovations, especially the field of gaming expanding to the internet, the need to connect gamers has also arisen. Because of this, many methods  introduce through which players can interact and cooperate or even compete online.

In this article we are going to discuss something in that sense.

What is Xresolver

Xresolver is a scam trying to get Xbox Live players to pay for their IP addresses to be removed from their database. Xresolver allows users to enter someone’s gamertag to find out their IP address, if available in the database. Knowing the IP address associated with a gamertag may allow someone to drop them from a game or perform a DDoS attack. Numerous users have complained about this on various forums, with Microsoft giving no response.

The player’s IP addresses are add to Xresolver’s database when someone they play with Octo Sniff. When the IP address is add to the database, it becomes available to anyone who writes in gamertag. Xresolver’s website claims that they are not doing anything illegal because IP addresses are public information, but they are still running a scam.

A user whose IP address is Xresolver’s database can fill in a form to delete it but it is not a permanent solution. When they play with someone who has Octo Sniff, their IP address will be added over and over again. Requesting the IP address to be deleted repeatedly would understandably be annoying to users, which is why Xresolver offers to permanently blacklist its IP address if users are willing to pay for it. This will probably prevent their IP address from , although there is no guarantee that this will actually happen. In addition, Xresolver is not a trusted business, so making a payment to them or providing payment information is a major risk.

How to prevent Xresolver’s database from add

For users for whom this is a problem, using a VPN service seems to one of the only ways to prevent an IP address from add to Xresolver’s database. VPNs are useful in general, not only for this, but users should be careful to choose a legitimate one that actually works.

What is Xresolve PS4?

xResolver is one of the few game tag solvers available on the internet. All you have to do is submit the gamertag, which is provided when you install your ID on the console, and xResolvers brings your IP to your screen.

In case it cannot find your IP, you will be require to purchase OctoSniff to access this feature – this packet sniffer is a decryptor that works on all devices available there.

To know more about xResolver for your PS4 you will have to go to Google and write xResolver com PS4. It may work for Xbox too, if you’re wondering.

After visiting such a website, if you see your logged IP, it is very likely that it was capture by thousands while it was on one of the packet sniffers. Just to be safe, you need to use a VPN because there are tools that allow others to access your IP.

One thing that needs to  mention here is that there is a dearth of content available regarding this aspect of console gaming.

What makes xResolver harmful?

Xresolver claims to allow random parties or suspects who are interested in a user’s personal information to contact your remote server. And then, from now on, you can become a target for many purposes, such as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack.

Let’s say you beat a big player in the League of Legends to better understand it. Now he is angry and wants revenge.

It can go to the website, enter your gamertag / PSN ID, take your IP address and you know what? It makes your internet connection the slowest to a painful level.

Do I need to worry about hackers when I play online?

If you are an Internet user and have an account through a local ISP, you have every chance of being hacked. Not only are computers, laptops or smartphones hacked, but if you play online games you risk losing personal information.

The problem is that the person who wants to know your current IP address on a website (such as PS4, Xbox or PC) has no good intentions. Your friend will not be interested in your IP address, so he must be a hacker.

Therefore, be very careful when playing online games or visiting public online games as you are definitely exposed to the threat of hacking.

In one word:

The entire gaming scene has changed thanks to the introduction of ever-improving tools and gadgets. One thing that sets this era apart from the past is that there are so many online gaming tools today than ever before.


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