How To Make Your Own Squid Game Halloween Costumes

How To Make Your Own Squid Game Halloween Costumes

Launched by Netflix in 2021. Squid Game is a popular tv series appraised a lot for its storyline and Squid Game Halloween Costumes worn by the characters. Some popular options include the Squid game frontman costume, the doll costume, guard apparel, and the VIP outfit. 

The most fun part of the scenario is that you do not even need to conduct research hours to find the apparel. Instead, some of them are so easy to assemble that they can be made with a few of the clothing pieces inside your wardrobe. Wondering how? Stay tuned with us till the end to find the answer.

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Making the Squid Game Halloween Costumes from scratch

The forthcoming content is divided into several pieces to rest assure complete understanding of all readers. However, please remember that all the below-mentioned apparel is inspired by an online Official Squid Game Merchandise Store known as Squid Games Apparels. With that said, please have a look.

About the Squid Game

For many reasons, squid game is one of the most loved, highly run series on Netflix. Nevertheless, the most prominent one is its unique and unreal storyline. The show focuses on a group of people who belong to diverse backgrounds. For instance, an individual from India is working as an enslaved person in Korea. At the same time, some people belong to the same country. 

All contestants are asked to participate in a series of deadly games inspired by random childhood games such as Dalgona, Red light Green Light, Tug of war, marbles, The Glass Is tile, etc. However, the worst part is you must compete with your friends, family members, and relatives. In addition, whoever fails to level up themselves is eliminated from the game and this world. Yes, they all are killed. 

There is a frontman responsible for keeping a sharp eye on contestants Squid Game Halloween Costumes. Plus, there is a pink army whose soldiers wear pink colored jumpsuits and imply all of the game policies on behalf of the frontman. All characters endorsed different outfits within the series; details are mentioned below.

1. Squid Game Front Man costume

To make this unique Squid Game Costume, you would need

  1. A pair of black pants 
  2. A knee-length black colored coat
  3. A pair of black colored gloves- the warmer ones
  4. A black colored mask to hide the face 

Now, all you need to do is correctly wear the apparel. You can take help from google. Just browse the picture of the frontman and get help from it. 

2. Squid Game Guard Costume

Guards used to wear pink colored outfits with a bit of black touch in the form of waist belt, zipper, and mask. You will need all of the following things to assemble the Squid Game Guard Costume.

  1. A pink colored jumpsuit or tracksuit with a hood. 
  2. A black-colored waist belt
  3. A face hiding mask in black color with a shape being drawn on the forehead with white. 

Put on the pink jumpsuit. Nonetheless, make sure to purchase the light color, Shocking pink, instead of any different shade, such as baby pink, hot pink, or fuchsia pink. 

Now tie the belt around your waist, put on the mask, and you are ready to go.

3. Squid Game Doll Costume 

Doll embraced a three-piece school uniform sort of a costume throughout the series. Here are all the clothing pieces you would need for the purpose

  1. Yellow-colored crop top
  2. Sleeveless midi 
  3. A pair of white stockings 

Please put on your crop top and midi on top of it. Now embrace those stockings, and you are all good to go.

Why choose Squid Games Apparels 

At the beginning of the content only, we informed you about all of the suggestions inspired by Squid Game Apparel. In addition, we also promised to inform you about the reasons behind us going with this store only from the list of hundreds and thousands of similar stores available to be considered. Hence, please look below for the reasons behind our suggestion. 

1. Top-notch quality product 

The store imports all of the manufacturing raw materials from abroad yet maintains quality standards. Yet, it cuts down all the unnecessary commissions by eliminating all sorts of third parties, such as distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, from our marketing process, working on the model of B2C. 

2. Product availability in all sizes 

Everybody on this planet is different in terms of personality, size, and body shape. The same is why we keep all of the products available in all possible sizes at our store. Whether XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL, or even 3XL size fits your better. We have a specially designed “Made to Measure” system if you do not know the perfect fit for your body. All you need to do is provide your primary sizing details, such as length, the width of your arms, and shoulders, and that is it. We will provide you with a product that will fit you like a glove.

3. Quick delivery

Individuals would want to wait more than a few days to deliver their products to their doorsteps. The same is why we have ensured to maintain our delivery process. Hence no matter how bulky your order is, we will make sure to get it delivered to doorsteps within 5 to 7 days after order placements. Yet, it can get delayed up to a little bit if the climatic condition of your country isn’t as welcoming as deserted.


On the bottom line, Squid Game Halloween Costumes are one perfect match for you if you want to look amazingly unique this season. The best part is you can make these costumes by yourself as well. The content above discusses making some of the best dresses you can make yourself. 

However, we suggest getting the products from a renowned Official Squid Game Merchandise Store, such as Squid Games Apparel, to minimize your time wastage and keep the budget intact. Rest, the decision is all yours. So, good luck and a Happy Halloween to you all!

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