How to get ready for a residential move

residential move

Are you unable to move because you don’t know what to do? For a stress-free operation, follow our instructions.

Personal Documents

It is essential that you always have at hand those that hold some importance in your life. There are documents that have as much or more value than a jewel.

We are not just mentioning identity documents. Also included is everything that can cause considerable inconvenience if they are lost, such as medical records and work or study certificates.

Another important point is that the moving process itself requires that you have permits or other documents on hand that you must present to authority at any time.


Eliminate the unnecessary

It is the perfect time to get rid of everything you don’t use. Before you move, get rid of everything. It is tempting to delay this process until you arrive at your new house.

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However, this will cause you to waste twice as much time packing and unnecessarily increase the number of boxes that need to be transported. It is important to consider the psychological impact of a fresh start without adding unnecessary burdens.

Consider when you last used the object, whether it’s a small dish set or clothing. Get rid of anything that is not in harmony with you. Only keep the things you love.

You don’t have to get rid of things. If they are in good shape, you can sell them or give them away to charity.


Divide the boxes into rooms

Prepare the boxes with care. Although it may seem daunting, this will allow you to find the things you need again. Do not arrange the boxes randomly. Instead, organize them by room. Then, sort by type.

Winter clothes should be separated from summer, cutlery from plates, fiction books from school books, and so on. It’s also convenient to have each person’s things separate if multiple people are living in the house.


Make a list

You’ve taken care to make sure everything is in a logical order. But how can you find the right place to look for information? When packing each box, make sure to keep a running list. This is a time-consuming activity, but it will help you not get lost in your search.


Beware of fragile items

Glasses, plates, cups, mirrors. To ensure that fragile items arrive safely at their destination, they must be wrapped properly. This operation will require the use of newspaper, bubble film, and polystyrene chippings as well as double-wave cardboard boxes.

You can ask the trucking company for help in choosing the right packaging. After you have packed everything, make sure to attach the fragile label to your boxes.


Furniture and valuable objects

Furniture and valuable objects require special attention. In this instance, in addition to carefully packaging, it’s also advisable to take photos and make a list of all the objects to be able, in the event of need, to prove their condition before moving.


The Keys!

Responsibility for the keys is an essential aspect, both for the property you are leaving and the one you are receiving.

Remember to hand over the keys of the place you are vacating, making sure that they are complete and at the same time, verify that you are receiving all the necessary keys to the new property and that they all work perfectly.


It is best to box it carefully

Start packing only the things you use most often and save the rest for later.


The houseplant as a friend

Draw a plan for your house showing the intended uses of each room. This will save you time and allow the movers to place the boxes exactly where you need them.


Before you move, clean the house.

A clean home will give you a better experience and save you time cleaning up all the boxes and furniture.


Last Details

Once you have everything unpacked and in its place, decorate each space, transmitting your style and personality. Buy a nice plant that brings a little of that energy of nature to your home.

When you finish unpacking, celebrate with your family and friends, with a delicious dinner, which will be the beginning of the excellent memories that you hope to consolidate in this new home.

As you can see, although moving is not an easy process, with a good dose of planning you will achieve success. There are many details to consider, but the main thing is to face change with joy. Contact Perfect Timing Moving to make your move stress-free.

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