How To Find The Best Furniture Removalists Near You

Best Furniture Removalists Near You

It is not at all difficult to find the best furniture removalists near you. Packing and moving can be made a lot of fun provided you are a little more aware of what you expect from their services. Let’s have a look at a few factors that play a critical role in helping you find a great removalist or packers and movers company close to you:

  • Go Through Their Online Reviews

The best way to locate a dependable removal company in your city is to go through their online reviews. Also, visit their official website and social media pages to find out what their clients are saying about them.

  • Do Not Settle For The First Quote

It is never a good idea to settle for the first quote that you get over the phone. You should compare the packing and moving packages of at least 4 or 5 removalists in the city. Invite different quotes from various professionals before you settle for the one that suits you the best.

  • Ask For An In-Person Assessment

It is always a good idea to ask the moving company to visit your property and have a closer look at the cargo that is to be transported to your new house. This is going to give them a better idea of what kind of truck they will need for the entire move to be successful within a day. It is also going to shed more light on the expenses that you will be bearing on the final day.

  • Do They Offer A Storage Facility?

If there are a few items that you do not want to transport right away, should you ask them for any storage facility? Definitely yes. Some packers and movers in the city do provide storage facilities at very affordable rates. It is never a bad idea to ask if yours do too.

  • Look For An Entire Package

It is always advised to check whether they provide a wide range of services or not. Are they going to help you pack and unpack your cargo? Are they going to help you transfer your belongings to your new home and then set them up for you? Do they help with installing furniture pieces and other appliances or not? If they say yes, it is advised that you ask them for the entire package and any available discounts if you book their services in advance.

  • Ask Them For Packing Materials

Several packing and moving companies in your city would be more than willing to supply you with packing materials as well. The biggest advantage of doing this is that the experts are aware of what kind of packing supplies are going to suit your cargo and depending upon the level of safety you seek, they can arrange for extra padding as well. This means that your cargo is going to be in safe hands from the start.

  • Affordable And Transparent Prices

Ask your friends and relatives to recommend you a removalist that has a fair, affordable, and transparent pricing strategy. The services that they are providing you with should be justified by the price that you have to pay. Also, make sure that there are no surprises at the end of the day. No small fonts or tiny writing at the bottom of the contract! This means that there should be no hidden fee that you have to pay once the move is complete.

  • Always Remember Insurance

It is never a good idea to go for a company that does not have a valid removal insurance package. They should have adequate insurance that gives them proper cover against any mishaps that may happen on your property. This means that you will not be held liable for any accidents or incidents that happen on your premises that may put the professionals at any risk of injury whatsoever. 

The same applies to you as well but in a slightly different manner. If you want to take out an insurance cover for your cargo, you can do that too.

Ask your packers and movers if they provide insurance to their customers. Go for a package that covers the major part of the value of your belongings so that in case of any accidents, at least you will be able to recover a part of your damages.

Now Let’s Come To A Few Checklists That You Should Prepare At Several Stages As The Moving Day Nears

7 Days Before The Move

  • Make sure to notify the local post office to redirect all your mail
  • You must also remember to arrange for your electoral roll transfer
  • Give necessary directions to the taxation office as well

6 Days Before The Move

  • Look after your motor registration requirements such as your license and related formalities
  • List down all the essential items you will be needing on a moving day

5 Days Before The Move

  • Talk to your phone company about any outstanding amount that might be due
  • Arrange for a new number that can be set up at your new location
  • Organize your gas, water, and electricity accounts in your new home 
  • Ensure the continuity of your Internet, entertainment, garbage disposal, and other amenities at your new house

3 Days To Go

  • Now it is time to cancel all your local services and arrangements such as lawn mowing or car maintenance
  • Check with the manufacturers about the safety guidelines to be followed when it comes to transporting your refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and other equipment
  • Talk to the local mailman, garbage man, and milkman and inform them about your move
  • Empty your kitchen appliances and clean them up nicely before the move 
  • Look for any equipment or belongings that you might have left in your garage or storeroom
  • Dispose of all the flammables in and around your house
  • You may also have a little bit of fuel left in your lawnmower and other machinery, make sure to drain it away
  • Prep all your furniture items that need to be dismantled on a moving day

1 Day To Go

  • Empty all your jars and bottles that contain liquids and other items to be transported 
  • Dismantle all your electronic equipment and pack them nicely 
  • Defrost all the frozen items and remove them from your freezer and refrigerator 
  • Separate all the items that you want to take to your new house and discard the ones that you don’t 
  • Disconnect your Wi-Fi and cancel your entertainment subscriptions

On The Big Day

  • On the final day of the move, you should be every bit organized with all your packing materials in place 
  • Several of your furniture items should already be dismantled
  • Make sure that you tighten all the taps and turn off the water heater including the HVAC system
  • Check for any electric switches and light and gas connections for safety
  • Lock the doors and windows as you take out all your stuff and convey it to the moving truck

Final Thoughts

So there you are. You have successfully gone through the final day of furniture moving. The next step is to move out of your house and into your new home. No doubt this entire process was a bit of an adventure. But an even bigger adventure awaits you in your new home where you will be starting your new life afresh.

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