How to Find Out Your Phone Got Hacked and How to Fix it?

How to Find Out Your Phone Got Hacked and How to Fix it

Technology comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Smartphones fall into the same category. They had a major hand as a turning point in our lives. It’s hard for us to imagine that a few years back that we were even capable of living without mobile phones. Phones have rooted themselves so deeply in our lives that we cannot even function without them anymore. For entertainment, calling, texting, socializing, shopping, paying bills, working, studying, researching, clicking pictures, and making videos is a large number of things that you can achieve and do if you have this device in your possession. Smartphones came as a blessing as well as the worst nightmare in users’ lives.

Undoubtedly, phones arrive with security software and other stuff to ensure your phone file safety. However, there are plenty of ways that can help them break into your phone system and steal your files and private details. When that happens users are confused at first and later on have no clues about who hacked into their phone and how they did it? If you are stuck in a similar situation, we can help out easily? Just continue this ride till the end with us.

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How to Find Out About the Hacker Who Hacked Your Smartphone?

It is easier for hackers to hack your phone. All they have to do is upload malware or virus-filled files to hack your device. Malicious virus software will always work in the background of your phone and report the hacker about your every single phone activity and it will copy every single piece of information to prove. Here are some signs that will indicate that your phone got hacked.


Unknown Calls or Texts Sent By User Smartphone

From time to time users see that there was a thread of unknown calls and texts sent from their phones. It is caused by malware or hacking software working to connect with the hacker. They may even see that their phone has made some calls, text, and email history that they have no idea about sending in the first place. It only happens when the hacker uses your number to connect with the people from your contact list. It’s their way to use your device to hack their next and latest victim’s smartphone.


Spammed Pop-Ups

Getting pop-ups on your phone screen is quite common. Because when you download an app and create an account. Companies will start sending you a notification to promote products and services. However, when you start seeing an increased number of pop-up notifications on your phone that is alarming. It means that some secret websites with the help of Adware (which is a type of malware) are trying to forcefully show you unwanted stuff to earn profits.


Missing Signals on Your Smartphone

This doesn’t happen often only in rare cases. The user receives a text or email from their mobile carrier regarding the unknown account change. After receiving this type of mail or text 30 minutes later users lose the signals from their smartphone.  It is pretty scary because that means someone stole your ID. The reason the victim’s phone loses signal is hackers transferred your account to their phone.


Excessive Battery Drainage

When your phone is affected by malware or virus. The virus will continue to work in the background of your phone to steal all of your files and information and transfer it to the hacker. When your phone is continually working to hack your info without your knowledge. It is not only stealing your data but draining the battery quickly as well. Your phone charging process will be slow no matter how many times you will plug your phone into the charger. It will still require multiple charges in a day.



Since your phone is working 24/7 because of the virus and hacking software. It will result in your phone heating up because the software is working to steal your information without any break. When one uses their old phone without rest. It is common for the mobile phone to heat up.


Slow Performance of the Phone

When your phone contains viruses and malware. It will start taking time to show you the results. When you search for something online. Your phone will lag and apps will take their sweet time to open up. All of these signs indicate your phone got hacked.


How Users Can Unhack Their Phones?

It is impossible to track the hacker and find out who they are unless you have some professional help. So instead of finding the hacker, you start working to unpack your phone.


Run an Anti-Virus Software

With the help of Antivirus or Anti-Malware software, you can always run a scan on your phone and detect the virus as early as possible and remove it immediately.


Change your Password and Pins

If you receive an email or message that an unknown device is trying to log in to your account. Change your passwords and pins right away. You can even change your passwords every month to avoid hackers.


Delete Suspicious Apps

If you find a suspicious app or message, delete them instantly and run Anti-Virus Scan on your phone to protect your phone from further danger.


Update your OS System and Applications

You should always have an updated operating system as well as your apps to fight new viruses.


Inform People from Your Contact List

Make sure that every person from your contact list is aware that if they receive a suspicious message or call from your number just avoid it and run an Antivirus scan on their device.


Factory Reset

When all is said and done, backup your important files if they are not already and factory reset your phone to remove the virus and malware.


Final Verdict:-  Hope you find this article helpful and in the future, you will know how to avoid becoming the next victim of hackers. Sell old phones at Quickmobile and get the best market price.



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