How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website To Boost Engagement



Are you a business owner and are looking for means to boost engagement on your website? Look nowhere else as we have got you covered!

Website engagement plays a major role in determining the interest of your website visitors. It also indicates how likely the website visitors are to make a purchase. Considering this, brands have begun to dig into new ways and means to boost engagement on their website.

One such super engaging medium that they noticed is social media. The social media world has become a regular part of its users. With a user base of over 500 million daily active users, it would not be incorrect to say that social media is a highly engaging platform for its users. However, of all the social media networks, visual-based networks like Instagram have taken over the world to become one of the most hugely popular social media platforms globally.

Seeing the massive popularity of Instagram, brands began to include Instagram content on their website to take advantage of the platform and to increase their website engagement.

In this post, we will tell you how to embed Instagram feed on website to make your website more impressive.

Let’s get started!

Most Efficient Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website

Method 1 – Using a plugin

The first effective way to embed Instagram feed on your website is to use a fast & responsive social media feed plugin. The internet is filled with various responsive social media feed plugins that can be used to collect, curate, and embed Instagram video and photos in a few easy steps.

If WordPress is your website-building platform, you can select your best fit from the WordPress directory that caters to more than 50,000 plugins. However, you need to ensure that the plugin selected by you comes with powerful features to increase the effectiveness of the Instagram widget.

Method 2 – Using a social media aggregator

The second option to leverage is to use a social media aggregation tool for the embedding process. Like plugins, there are many social media aggregation tools, and we will be telling you about the best ones out there.


Tagembed is a leading social media aggregation tool that allows users to easily curate and embed social media content on their website. The users can aggregate content from over 18+ social media platforms, including Instagram. The users can select their preferred source from which they wish to collect the content, i.e., hashtags, usernames, etc.

Additionally, the users can use the content moderation panel of the tool to eliminate any inappropriate content from the Instagram widget. The tool’s other features are automatic and instant content updates and a super active customer support team for assisting users if they come across an issue.

Overall, this tool is super easy to operate and does not require any special coding skills to complete the process.

Official embedding option from Instagram

Next up, the users can use the official embedding option offered by Instagram to embed the content on their website. Instagram understands the relevance of embedding. Hence, it offers this option to its users.

The process is super simple, and all it takes is to embed the generated embed code in the backend of the website to complete the process. However, the major limitation is that the users can embed only one Instagram post at a time, which makes it an extremely tedious and time-consuming process.

Instead, you can consider the other options mentioned in the post.


Another great tool that the users can use for the process is Elfsight. The tools offer a large number of features to the users while creating the free Instagram widget.

The users can leverage the options and catch a preview of the widget before finally publishing it. While generating the embed code, the users can also adjust the width and height of the widget to suit the overall presence of their website.

Overall, Elfsight is a great option for embedding an Instagram widget due to its smooth integration.

Key Takeaways

And we have reached the end of this post, and you got to know about the best ways to embed Instagram feed on website.

Embedding an Instagram widget can be a complete game-changer for your website to grow more as it can effortlessly increase your website’s overall engagement and presence. You need to choose your preferred method and tool to begin the process!


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