How to develop a mobile application in short time?

develop a mobile application

Software development is a tedious task that involves investment of money, time and effort. In most cases, you will need some money to start an ad to advertise your app. The best way to make your app more useful is to reduce mobile application development time. It is undeniable that time is money, as long as you take the time to create your application, so it will create expenses. Here are some tips for reducing the mobile application development process to increase your overall profit: 

  1. Cross-platform mobile application development

Using cross-platform tools will cut your app development time in half, because it only means “code once, run anywhere”. These are great tools to make your app flexible enough to run on multiple mobile platforms without additional coding or debugging and in fact, using the same codebase.

Here is the list of the most popular cross-platform development tools and some effective techniques to give a robust and faster mobile application: 

  • Name of Xamarin

Xamarin is the most popular mobile application development tool of all, used to build applications for Android, Windows and iOS with the same codebase namely C#, .NET and VS (Visual Studio) IDE. Applications developed using this tool have system hardware and well-defined APIs compatible with all platforms. In addition, using Xamarin models provides access to the UI Toolkit, which can be used across multiple platforms. It gives the app the same UI regardless of the platform it runs on.

  • Floating SDK

Developed by Google, the Flutter SDK is relatively new, but many Android developers prefer to extend their apps to other platforms such as iOS. Widgets are designed according to the User Guide (Android) and Cupertino (iOS). Therefore, you have the advantage of creating the same user interface to work on both platforms. As I said before, the tool is new, it supports iOS and Android and has a lot of support. This tool is based on the Dart programming language, be sure to try your hand at this language before building your app with the Flutter SDK. Although Dart has a poor programming language image. With the release of the Flutter SDK, things have changed a lot. If you want to try this tool, go for it as it includes all the features you need.

 Other similar cross tools are PhoneGap, NativeScript, Ionic Framework and many others.

  1. Create an MVP

MVP, i.. Minimum Product, includes the core functionality of any app you build. MVP is an important part of any mobile application development. So, be sure to create a team and a core project. With the help of MVP, the next development of  mobile applications running fast. The beginning has created more than six products in 6 months because of MVP plans. Once you’ve created your first MVP, start collecting feedback to post a better MVP next time. So you get the most value by delivering the features your users want in the least amount of time. In the worst case, your MVP can see that the app can’t reach the market, but this is the best advantage because it avoids anything else to lose and helps to put you on your toes to build something better.

  1. Agile development

Agile stands for “smart work”, which prefers short development cycles, fast delivery, and a direct MVP process over application development.

By following the agile guidelines, you benefit from the continuous analysis of your customers or employees, which will save you time and correct errors before completing the project. This will ensure that your application does not have any unwanted functions. 

  1. Wireframes

Wireframe is meant to preview your design before you deploy it. Here is a low-level sample of your final user interface design. With wireframes, you can make changes to decide the right design and layout for your application. This is a great time-saving technique as it reduces the amount of time you have to negotiate the appearance of the application, giving you more time to write the best code. This is a very important part, especially when you are working with a team to create a language that all your team members understand. Thus, it avoids any risk of misunderstandings and other disputes regarding organizational issues. To create a wire rope, you just need a pen and paper, and come up with your ideas. You also have the option of creating it digitally using various online and offline software such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Powerpoint, MockFlow, Balsamiq, and

  1. Automated testing 

Automated testing is used to perform many tests in a short period of time to provide quick feedback on the application or software. Traditional testing methods are very time consuming, this is where automated or dynamic testing helps in developing high quality applications. Unlike traditional testing, automated testing takes minutes to test a complete scenario because it can test different methods at the same time. The best automated testing software known is Appium. Appium has a powerful automation system designed for Android, iOS and Windows. The application can be tested without compiling its code repeatedly. It also has cross-platform functionality. Besides Appium, Calabash is another tool that can be integrated with Xamarin Test Cloud. It’s free and works like using the Visual Studio IDE.

  1. Code review

Code review and quality assurance are essential methods for successful application development. According to research conducted to analyze quality assurance requirements by SmartBear, it is reported that one company managed to save $150,000 through effective reviews. It helped them not to spend money on bug fixes.

  1. Third Party Materials

There is no point in wasting time turning the wheel. There are many reliable websites that provide you with ready-made plugins that can be added to mobile services and code. These can deliver high-quality products without increasing development cycle times. For example, Unity Asset Store is one such third-party asset that includes a variety of productivity tools to help you build a robust mobile game. Another such example is Adventure Creator. If you need a helping hand, there are many options available to help you get your work done in no time. You can hire a contractor or freelancer or contact a mobile application development company to help you develop one part of your application.


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