How to Convert Your Theme From PSD To Shopify?

PSD to Shopify

Who doesn’t like an attractive and eye-catching Shopify store, I mean who doesn’t?  But then you might take a stand back thinking that it needs complicated coding. For a  gorgeous website like Photoshop Designs, you need coding and tons of processes. However, you don’t need to do these and get your hands dirty.  As a popular e-commerce platform, Shopify comes with hassle-free tools to design a wonderful site with the least effort.

As we all know that Shopify is a simple to use e-commerce platform for existing customers and newbies. People who don’t know anything about CSS, or HTML. Merchants who don’t know about usual website development from scratch but like to take the business to another level and like to manage shopping carts, warehouses, and stores go with Shopify. A Shopify agency can make your job easier with their hands-on expertise. 

 E-commerce retailers have an appetite to bring their brands online yet they lack the skills and tools for developing the website. In case you are looking to convert the Shopify theme from PSD to Shopify we got you covered. Dive into the article and let’s find how to do it easily. 

Important things you need to start PSD to Shopify theme Conversion

  • Skills and Knowledge about HTML or CSS are needed.
  • A Shopify account and proficiency in personalized settings are needed.
  • PhotoShop design for the page, program working copy with PhotoShop skills.

How to convert Theme From PSD to Shopify? 

Here is the 5 step process that you should go through for converting your store theme from PSD to Shopify: 

Step 1: Create a Shopify account

If you are thinking to design a Shopify theme for your client or your business, all you need is the Shopify Partner Account. Explore Shopify Partners for creating an account. After you signed up for the “Shopify Partner Program” account you are all set to start the journey.

With a Shopify account, you can create limitless development stores which are free. These are made for designers, and developers to work with themes, and apps and set up a store. You can develop and publish custom themes over Shopify Theme Store with the Shopify Apps. 

Step 2: Create a development store

After creating a Shopify partner account visit development stores in the dashboard. Now open ” create a development store“.  Now, a fresh page opened where you should enter the password & name for the development store. Finish every needed information and select the “create store” button. After developing a store successful, you can find a page displayed as “Here’s what’s happening with the store now”. 

Step 3: Slide PSD

It’s a vital step in the process of converting PSD to the Shopify theme.  Analyze PSD files deeply to verify the static & dynamic content of the design. After curating the development store, it is time to slice the content which can’t be developed dynamically as buttons,  images, and many more. Slice aspects and save these in various particular design files. No need of cutting elements fully which are created dynamically with CSS & HTML and CSS. Use image editing apps such as  Photoshop to chop  PSD or any tool.  

Try to cut the PSD design into small sections by using the slice tool. Now design small elements such as the footer, sidebar, and header by coding and planning. Drawing rectangular shapes around items can separate them.  

Step 4: Browse the Shopify theme store

Now after slicing PSD files, browse Shopify Theme Store for finding a template that is relevant to the PSD design. Visit Online Store Themes via the dashboard and choose “Visit Theme Store”. Click a theme that is relevant to the PSD. And choose  “Install theme”. Now you can see two options: one is installing Kik unpublished themes. And the second one is published as a store theme.  “choose the second one then your theme is installer overdevelopment store

Step 5: Choose & personalize the theme 

After you installed your favorite theme, select the theme manager for personalizing the Shopify theme according to the PSD design.  Explore the theme manager and click “Customise Theme”  where you can see the Theme editor window. Now you could alter themes where you can preview settings in real-time. 

You could personalize everything regarding your theme with the Theme Editor. Use the “Edit code” page that’s discover in the Theme drop-down. Along with editing the present theme, you can even add a new theme with the edit code page. View the list of theme files by using a code editing pane that’s on the right of the page

Now the generate theme is exporter through the development shop and then imported like the primary theme to your live Shopify store.

Final words

For an e-commerce website to be successful, an eye-catching design and user interface are very important. The competitive e-commerce marketplace demands unique and out-of-the-box updates from your website. And that’s where Shopify comes to help you. As it always brings excellence to the brands for creating stress-free website developments.  A fantastic online store with your desired PSD design can be a dream of many retailers. You can make your dream into reality by hiring a Shopify plus agency for PSD to Shopify theme conversion services.

 These Shopify experts offer crafter Shopify stores according to your customizing needs to render a full pledged store. Shopify agencies such as NOIR & BLANCO keep it pixel perfect and offer successful and ultimate PSD to Shopify conversion packages.  PSD to Shopify development not only offers a satisfying experience for your consumers but also doubles the conversion rates. PSD files are complicate to work with and that’s why you need a better solution. 

An experienced developer with decades of experience with PSD files can make it much easier for you. With their dedicated experts, you could expect a personalized Shopify store with several features that include a functional layout, and attractive designs that are easy for you and your consumers to explore. Reach us today to know more about PSD to Shopify theme conversion process. 



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