How to Attach Old OST to Same New Profile in Outlook?

Attach Old OST to Same New Profile in Outlook

Offline storage table (OST) and personal storage table (PST) are two separate Outlook data files used to store a copy of mailbox items in storage. Outlook creates a PST file when you add a POP3 account to Outlook 2010 or more recent versions. OST is created when users log in using an Exchange email, Office 365 (Microsoft 365), or IMAP email account.

Both OST and PST Outlook data files are at risk of injury or corruption caused by inconsistencies as they grow and exceed the recommended limit.

As a result, Outlook users begin to experience performance issues and encounter errors while sending or receiving emails (send/receive errors) – one of the most common issues that worry many Outlook users. In addition, it prevents them from accessing their mail items and may result in permanent data loss.


Other sync errors, incompatible data or email folders, missing email items, communication errors, and Outlook data reading/writing errors are some examples of common problems that Outlook users may encounter at some point. It is usually caused by corrupt or corrupted Outlook data files, i.e., OST or PST. Let us start to attach the OST file.

What is the manual way to attach OST files to a new profile?

Before you can transfer your OST file to another computer, you must first know where to find it. So, if you are wondering where these files are found in your system, then here we will say it all. If you want to know the name and location of your OST file on your system, do as below. The process is the same for almost all types of Windows. Click on the start menu or the Windows icon in your system and look up the Control Panel. Once found, open the Control Panel on your system. or

  1. If you are currently using Outlook, go to the File tab.
  2. Select Account Settings in the File menu and select the Account Settings option again.
  3. Now, be sure to customize the category set in Small Thumbnails.
  4. Now, find the Mail option in the Control Panel and click on it.
  5. Now, a small Mail Setup dialog box will open. When you need to click on the Data Files button.
  6. When you are done, the Account Settings window will open. When you make sure the Data Files tab, this should be the default however; If you are not on that page, be sure to click it.
  7. Now, select the account you want to know the location of OST file. You will notice that the place is mentioned. That’s what you wanted. Track location and find your OST files. You can also click on the Open File Location tab to go directly to the folder.

This is the manual method to attach OST file to new profile. The manual solution is a bit problematic and users do face many hurdles while going through the process. Moreover, the cons that are faced by the manual method are many. These cons include:

  • A long-lasting process of the conversion of the OST files
  • No safety and security
  • Data loss or data corruption can take place
  • Bulk conversion of the OST files is not possible with the manual method of conversion

Many such kinds of cons are faced by the manual method of conversion. But several users find this method hectic and thus search for a reliable platform in which they can attach OST files to new profiles conveniently. Let us check out the conversion process.

Professional method to attach OST file

The professional method is a convenient solution for the users to convert their OST files. The steps to convert the OST files using this advanced application are provided below:

  1. Firstly install this Softaken OST to PST Converter application
  2. Now add the OST files that you need to convert into PST format
  3. Check out those selected files by previewing them
  4. Find out location where you wish to save the converted OST files
  5. Hit the convert now button

Any kind of hurdle is not faced by the users while going through the conversion of OST files to Outlook PST format.

The app is advanced and is designed by experts. It is a reliable solution for all users and users do find it easy to use the application. Moreover, the experts prefer this application as:

  • The tool is easy to be handled
  • Can be used in any Windows Operating System
  • A good interface is provided
  • No error is faced
  • Gives a reliable platform for all the users

Thus, it is preferred for the users to use this advanced tool for carrying out the process of attaching.

About the tool

The OST to PST Converter is an advanced solution for every user. The application in itself is worth it for every user. No hurdle or error is faced by the users while attaching the OST file. Using the application, it is easy for every user to carry out the conversion task. Moreover, users do not require any other tool to carry out the conversion process as the application is an independent tool a user can use. Without any error, the conversion process is proceed. Apart from this, the app is the source of full accuracy. A convenient conversion task is done. The application helps in saving the attached file in any location. The tool is a great solution for every user. With advanced features, it is easy for every user.

The steps of the conversion are also reliable by the users and for convenience, a free demo version is also provided by the tool.


With this blog, we provide all the information about the conversion of OST files. A demo version is also provided by the tool for getting more about the tool. If users want to know more about the tool then they can buy the licensed version of the tool. Download the application now!


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