How To Animate a Video Like a Professional Animator?

Professional Video Animation

How to animate videos like a pro? Everyone wants to create animated videos to achieve a tremendous outcome from the content marketing campaign. Though creating a perfect animation video may sound like a challenging task. But if you have the right tools and connection with a video animation service company. Then creating animation videos can be as easy as pie.

Are you interested in creating animated videos? It is an exciting process in which people with a creative approach and artistic eye can thrive. Hiring a video production company is the best way to save your time. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot work on your own for producing animated videos.

We have put together a 5 steps guide to help you thrive and create animated videos like a pro.

Decide what you want to achieve

The starting point of creating any video is deciding what you want to achieve. Whether you want to promote a product. Maybe you want to engage your audience on social media. Another option is explaining your business on an online forum.

Whichever it is, do your research. Now prepare yourself for work in whatever way suits you. Some prefer video research, others do drawing. This step will determine your objective, core message of the video, and target audience.

Create a script

A video script is the foundation of your animated video. As the scriptwriter, you have all the control over what should appear in your video. Though it is a challenging task and it needs to be done before you move on to the next step. It brings clarity to the following postulates:

  • The objective of your animated video
  • The goals you want to achieve with this video
  • Who is your target audience and what do they want to see?
  • A creative call to action
  • The core message of your video

Create a storyboard

A storyboard works like a map. And who would jump on a road trip without a map? It gives you an inkling about how your final video would look. Since it shows the narrative flow of your video. So prepare yourself for a lot of homework.

Creating a storyboard will help you predict the concept of your video and its aftereffects. Plus, you can also get to tweak your visuals and script to create the most compelling animated content ever. Now it’s your job to interpret each frame and bring the characters to life with your creative flair. Many people connect with Artx film for this purpose. Its full-end video-making tools and the simple drag-or-drop interface make the storyboard process a breeze.

Animate your video

You can either outsource to Artx Film or if you like more creative control – do it yourself. Start by surfing through animation libraries and pick the style that works best for you. Add more scenes and make certain changes until you achieve what you need.

The selection of texts and images depends upon your content. Then choose your color themes and give them a personalized touch. Protip: If you are making an animated video for social media – it should last within 30 seconds. If it is for your website – it shouldn’t exceed two minutes.

Adjust scenes

At this stage, you can increase or decrease the scene duration. In addition, you can make necessary changes here and there.

You can also add new scenes by designing them from scratch. The option of duplication is also available at this stage. It helps you recreate new scenes in synchronization.

Add your own voice-over or a music track

Let’s move on to the next step. Setup the audio for your animated video. You may upload your own music track or choose from hundreds of songs available on the platform you are using. You may also add a professional voice-over if you like, or add both! It will bring life to your animated content.

Previewing the video

A final preview before posting your video online gives you an idea of what the video will look like. This is the final stage. Now you can make all the necessary adjustments and last-minute changes.

Share your video

It is the right time to share your work rather than hiding away animating until you think it’s a perfect time to share it. Upload it on YouTube and other social networks.

These easy steps will help you design animation videos like a pro. Always remember, great animation stretches the realm of believability yet relatable to the viewers. If your content is relatable to your target audience, it is destined to succeed.

Final Word

Today it has become pretty simple to produce quality cartoons or animated content with the help of professional assistance from a video production company. When you are looking for a simple and effective way to find out how to make an animated video – an animated video company is a perfect solution. Simply talk about your business idea or share your complex content and we will do our best.

Connect with Artx Film and start designing animated videos. Communicating your ideas through animation was never easy before!


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