How to activate Step by Step Guide


How to activate Step by Step Guide

Voot is one of the most popular Indian Subscription On-demand Service (SVOD). The platform is available to iOS, Android users, Jio phone users and for consumption on the desktop. Voot is a video-on-demand platform that was developed by Viacom18. Also, it is regarded as the fastest growing media platform around the world. It has a variety of choices and choices. It also is compatible with COLORS ( Hindi), MTV Indie, Viacom 18 Motion pictures, Nickelodeon, and so on. The application is a fan of authentic Voot content, such as TV shows, favourite blockbuster films, and cartoons. There is a selection of modern-day content and a brand new platform through this application. However, Voot does not offer live streaming. It does however allow users to stream Indian channels on demand. In this article, we’re going to learn how to enable

How do I get Voot to try out a trial?

  • Start the Voot app
  • Apply for a new account to apply for your application
  • Select to select the ” Subscription” option to purchase the premium plan you want.
  • Receive a confirmation of your payment
  • The trial for your free trial is now open for the Voot app.
  • You can stream and watch Voot originals, videos on demand as well as Live TV channels and many more.

Some of the most important aspects that are part of Voot application are:

  • The most recent National and International shows are accessible
  • Videos and programs that are ad-free
  • More than 1500 films are available in 9 languages
  • You can catch shows all day long, even before you watch the TV
  • You can download Original Voot video contents
  • A trial period of free trials is available to users of Voot with the option of selecting a payment method.
  • There are two subscription options available to Voot users.

1)Monthly subscriptions cost the amount of Rs. 99

2.) Annual subscriptions cost the equivalent of Rs. 499

  • Trial for free for 14 days

How do you Install your Voot Application?

  1. The launch file is explored by the application.
  2. If you don’t have any fileexplorer apps, visit the Play Store.
  3. Look for ES file explorer within it
  4. Start the fileexplorer application.
  5. Install and download Voot. Download and install Voot application.
  6. It may take some time to complete the installation procedure
  7. Following the installation after which you must download a different application called Amazon Appstore.
  8. You must install this program to start Voot. Voot application.
  9. It is evident that this application isn’t designed for television.
  10. After that, press on the “back button” to exit from the app.
  11. Open the Voot application that you have installed.
  12. You’ll find a few errors in it, as it will require login credentials or login information
  13. Exit the application
  14. After that, you can open it once more and you will see that the application functions perfectly.

You can download the Voot application through on the Play store. To get the application visit the below-given links “”. Go to the app store visit “”. This guideline will assist you to enable on your device.

What can I do to solve the Voot not working problem?

If you’re stuck on Voot not working it is impossible to see the contents on your screen

  • Refresh your website using the content you’re using
  • Clean out your cache from your browser
  • Restart your browser
  • Restart your phone
  • If none of the above steps does, then go to ””
  • Send the details of your episode via this link
  • It can help you get rid of the working issue.


Voot is thought to be a great streaming service that provides the full range of video content available in more than nine languages. The information and guide above will assist you in streaming your preferred content using Voot. Voot application. We hope this information can be useful to you in your quest to Activate


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