How Movie Suggestions Influence Your Choice of What to Watch


If you are looking for movies to watch, you probably have a few criteria. These include genre, ratings, and personality traits. You may also be influenced by trailers or reviews. The internet is a great place to check out the latest movies like what’s new on Netflix. However, it can also be a bad place to watch movies if you don’t know what you are looking for.


You may be surprised that genres play an important role in choosing what to watch. Some genres have specific qualities you may not be interested in, and you may prefer to stay away from them. The fantasy genre, for example, is closely related to fairy tales. It often incorporates magical elements and is popular with teens and children. Sci-fi movies, on the other hand, tend to play on our disbelief and often explore technology, space travel, and futuristic ideologies.

Drama is another genre that is popular among viewers. It focuses on high stakes and conflict and is plot-driven, with emotionally driven characters. This genre has many subgenres, including historical, costume, romantic, and medical drama. Some even have a social networking element to them. Some of the best examples of drama are based on real events, but you don’t have to follow this to enjoy them.

The genre of a film is an important factor in determining what to watch. The genres of movies and TV shows are based on the audience’s expectations, and it may be useful to understand these expectations to make the best choices. A film that meets those expectations will be more enjoyable to watch.

Personality Traits

The results of a new study show that your personality type and gender influence your preferences for movies. People with high levels of neuroticism and conscientiousness are likely to favor movies that are familiar but with original content. On the other hand, people with low levels of neuroticism and conscientiousness are likely to gravitate toward action movies.


A recent study suggests that ratings in movie suggestions can influence your choice of what to watch. However, these scores do not accurately reflect the quality of a movie. For example, some films are so bad they’re good, and some movies promote the use of illegal drugs. Moreover, ratings don’t capture the complexity of people’s opinions and personal preferences. Some people might even like movies that many other people find ridiculous.

Generally speaking, ratings are based on various factors, including the amount of violence and sex in a movie. These ratings are intended to help parents decide whether a movie is appropriate for their children. Parents are ultimately responsible for deciding what to watch. As a result, ratings are not a universally valid way to judge a movie’s appropriateness.

Online Movie Reviews

You have probably read online movie reviews about a particular film before you see it. These reviews can be useful in deciding which movie to see. Whether it’s a new release or a classic, a review can provide a great deal of insight into whether you will like the film or not. Some reviews may be negative, while others may be positive.

There are two main kinds of reviews: verified and unverified. A verified user’s online review may be more persuasive than one created by a new user. The impact of verified users’ online reviews depends on the brand strength and identity of the reviewer. A film with low brand strength may have a lower influence, while a film with high brand strength could get a high rating.

Consumer reviews are more influential than critics in influencing moviegoers’ choices. They reflect the values that people place on filmmaking. For example, people who value closure are more likely to read consumer reviews than film critics. However, consumers who are more interested in fitting in with most moviegoers may read mixed reviews.


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