How is Salesforce Different from Service Now?

Salesforce vs ServiceNow

Introduction To ServiceNow

To begin with, ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that allows businesses to streamline and automate routine work tasks. Thus, helping them in improving improve operational efficiencies and unite all business functions.

Features Of ServiceNow

ServiceNow is easy to use and capable of easily integrating with other tools. It ensures process optimization and allows you to create forms in minutes. Furthermore, it facilitates faster workflows and allows an organization to track each task’s progress efficiently. ServiceNow is versatile and it helps in improving the agility of your processes and reducing costs. To further know about it, one can visit ServiceNow Online Training in India. Apart from these, given below are some of the features of ServiceNow.

  • Automated Testing Framework– This framework uses the automated validation test to help users quickly track applications into production and negate risks for new apps. It eliminates the need to carry out time-consuming rollbacks.
  • Change Advisory Board Workbench– It is useful for the CAB Managers in scheduling and planning the automation of Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings. This feature eliminates the requirement of an additional calendar tool.
  • Application Portfolio Management– It is useful in evaluating applications against each other using pre-defined metrics set by the company. Moreover, you can scrape old or duplicate application instances, and align them to a preferred architecture.
  • Customer Relationship Management– ServiceNow CRM comes with various features like anonymous chat and registration that are highly beneficial for B2C Companies. Moreover, you just need to activate the Consumer Service Portal plugin to access it.
  • ServiceNow Express– This feature facilitates customers’ access to various third-party integrations certified by ServiceNow and its partners. It ensures one-click installations and out-of-the-box (OOTB) configurations along with ITIL best practices.

Is Service Now a Good Career?

Yes, Service Now is a good career and it provides many promising and growing employment opportunities. This is a highly demanding software tool as it provides cross-departmental capabilities, unique workflow, and data and process automation. In addition, it is a powerful platform that allows businesses to function more quickly and flexibly. Therefore, various organizations and businesses look towards hiring experts who can handle all of ServiceNow’s duties with ease. Furthermore, Service Now has a highly promising feature due to its rapid growth and high adoption rate. Getting a certification in it opens various new career paths for IT workers. It provides you with an enticing offer to join the ServiceNow platform and results in advancing your career.

Introduction To Salesforce

On the other hand, Salesforce is a cloud-based software tool useful for providing software and services to organizations. In addition, these services provide businesses with the latest technologies and a better experience.

Features Of Salesforce

Salesforce is a metadata platform that allows customers to innovate and commercialize while offering user experience to clients, and collaborators. It provides everything in an easy-to-understand format and offers a simpler and extremely intuitive user interface. In addition, it is very reliable and it ensures that no sensitive information is lost or compromised. Many institutes provide the best salesforce training online course and one can enroll to start a career in it. Apart from these, given below are some of the features of salesforce.

  • Account and Contact Management– This feature provides the complete information of each customer. In addition, it consists of all information about customer communication like the activity history, communications done with customers, Key contacts, etc.
  • Opportunity Management– It helps a user in managing all the sales deals with Salesforce. Furthermore, it consists of the stage of every deal and what move should we need to take to win the specific deal.
  • Salesforce Engage– This feature is useful in enhancing the company’s selling power by allowing users to share the marketing content with sales. Moreover, it provides real-time sales alerts as per the engagement with the customers.
  • Sales Collaboration– This feature is beneficial in collaborating with powerful social tools in Salesforce. Furthermore, it helps the sales teams to work together on various sales opportunities and check progress from anywhere.
  • Sales Performance Management– It improves the sales execution process day by day and provides a metric-based goal setting for the teams. In addition, it helps the sales team with continuous feedback and rewards.

Career Opportunities in Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the highest demanding skills in the IT world and a career in it ensures high earning potential. Various world-leading companies like Spotify, AWS, U.S. Bank, Toyota, and many more use it. Thus, generating high employment opportunities in it. Given below are some of the job titles you can explore after completing Salesforce training.

  • Salesforce Tester
  • Salesforce Application
  • Salesforce Technical Architect
  • Salesforce Application Designer
  • MuleSoft Application Engineer


ServiceNow helps a business streamline and automate routine work tasks. It facilitates Automated Testing Framework, Application Portfolio Management, Customer Relationship Management, and various other features. On the other hand, Salesforce is a cloud-based tool that offers software and services to organizations. It ensures that an organization has the latest technologies and a better experience.


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