How can you build an impressive brand identity with the help of professionals?


Just like your personality makes you unique, the brand identity is the special sauce of your trade that sets you apart from others. What about your brand identity design? It is what shapes your firm. What is brand identity? What does it have to do with design? How can you shape a strong brand identity that takes you to the next level.?


What does brand identity look like?

We will kick off things with definition. What does the term brand identity mean? Branding companies in Gurgaon give you a broader perspective of brand recognition. Brand identity is the collection of all the elements that a firm creates to portray the right image to the customer. Brand identity is different from brand image and branding. 

The term branding refers to the marketing practice of shaping a distinctive brand. A brand is the perception of the company in the eyes of the world. Your brand identity is what makes you identifiable to your customer. 

It is the identity that forges the connection between you and your customer. 


How can you develop a strong brand identity? 

Before you know what tangible segments you want to make up your brand identity, you need to know who you are and what is your purpose as a brand. Advertising companies in Gurgaon work on a few key elements.

  • Your mission that answers what’s yours and why.
  • Your values answer what beliefs drive your firm. 
  • It has to do a lot with your brand personality. If your brand was a person, what sort of person would it have?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

These elements are what define your brand. Before you start building your brand identity, it is essential to have a clear understanding of each. 

If you have trouble figuring out who you are, don’t sweat it. All you need is a simple brainstorming session that gives you clarity on who you are as a brand.


Brand colors 

Branding companies in Gurgaon help you think of color as well. Your potential customers have a physiological tie with many colors. Using Brand colors and logo shades can have a severe impact on how your brand gets perceived by your audience. 

How do shapes affect your brand identity?

When it comes to the design, you want to think about shape and form. It is a subtle but effective element that gets used to reinforce to get the desired reaction from your customers. you need to know how different forms can shape your brand identity. While straight lines have their implications, vertical lines suggest strength. Horizontal lines indicate mellow vibes and tranquility.

Brands with round shapes are about fuzzies and burns. Brands with round shapes create community, love, and unity. 


Your logo lies at the cornerstone of your brand design. When working with branding companies in Gurgaon, you want to target the logo to tick the following boxes.

  • It states who you are and what you value as a brand.
  • It is visually appealing, uncluttered, and simple which goes a long way. 
  • It is classic but not Trendy. The last thing that you want for your logo is to let it go out of style in six months.
  • It plays along with industry standards. If you veer off, give it a deliberate touch.


Be sure that your design partner delivers your logo in many formats. Be sure that you have the logo you need. See that it is in line with the brand. 


Your website is one of the representative aspects of your brand. It holds, especially if you are running a digital product or campaign.

Advertising companies in Gurgaon help you put an effective website in place.


Advertise How to create a brand identity 

Designing ads, whether traditional or Digital, is the most effective way to introduce your brand to the world. It is a way to get the message of your brand seen and heard by the target audience. 

Social media advertising 

One great way to set a connection with your customer is through social media. The plethora of platforms on the internet offers a ton of digital estate where you can set your brand identity. 

  • Research your audience, value proposition, and competition.
  • Advertising companies in Gurgaon help you design a logo and a template for it.
  • Use language that can help you to connect, advertise and embody on social media.
  • Learn what to avoid.
  • Track your brand to maintain its identity.


Your brand identity is what sets you apart from the endless sea of competitors. It shows your customers who you are and what they can expect from working with you. If you want your brand to get perceived in a positive light, it is essential to nail your brand. create designs that portray who you are to your customers. Now that you know how to make the identity, it’s time to start designing. For professional help, reach out to a branding company in Gurgaon.


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