How can Physiotherapy help in Migraine and cure them without medicines?

migraine headaches
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Physiotherapy can help in migraine and cure them without medicines.


Introduction to Migraine

It is a chronic neurological condition in which the patient suffers from intense headaches on one side of the head. It is rare for migraines to be considered mild because they are typically described as throbbing sensations. A Migraine sufferer will often feel nauseous and sensitive to light or noise. Depending on the severity, a migraine attack will disrupt most people’s regular daily routine for several hours to several days. There are clinics for migraines all over the country, but physiotherapy is primarily available in Gurgaon.

Home remedies for treating Migraine

1. Put a cold pack on your head, neck, or scalp for pain relief. Researchers aren’t sure exactly why it works, but reducing blood flow might contribute. Another choice is to freeze a gel pack or wet a washcloth in cold water and then dry it.

2. You may feel some relief from the caffeine in coffee and other foods and drinks. Caffeine may also help your body absorb migraine medications more quickly. Don’t overdo it. It can become dependent on your caffeine jolt, resulting in withdrawal symptoms like fatigue and headaches.

3. Loud noises and bright light can aggravate headaches. When you’re having a migraine, pull down the shades and find a spot away from the action. You’ll recover faster.

4. Minerals like this are found in dark-green vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Some studies suggest it can prevent migraines, but it won’t help while you’re suffering from one. In addition to taking it in pill form, you should always consult your doctor before taking supplements.


How Physiotherapy can help in Migraine?

A physiotherapist will initiate migraine physiotherapy treatment after pinpointing the cause of your headache pain. As part of this tension headache treatment, your upper neck and back facet joints are usually gently mobilized.

If you suffer from migraines due to neck pain, physiotherapy can help in many different ways. Physiotherapy will attempt to decrease neck pain by reducing the amount of pain in joints, muscles, and nerves. One of the most common ways to accomplish this is by giving a neck massage. Alternatively, dry needling, which simultaneously stimulates the muscles and nerves in specific trigger points and increases blood flow and lymph flow in the area, can be used to treat the problem and make the area feel more relaxed. Many home treatment centers like Physio Health Plus etc., can provide more information.

Cupping therapy has also become more prevalent in recent years. Osteopathy refers to this type of therapy. This involves attaching suction cups to various points around the body, then pulling them off quickly or moving them around in a massage-like fashion. Besides promoting the flow of blood and lymph, this also leaves some rather shocking-looking bruises, but it is almost painless.



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