How Can I Get Business Details From Google Maps?

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Google Map Extractor

Google Maps is a catalog containing a massive collection of business data, with a big inventory of company names and contact information. When used wisely, this data can help you grow your business with powerful marketing campaigns. Google Map Extractor will provide you with the most useful business information for sales, lead generation, purchasing, and marketing.

With the quick and easy data analysis with the Google Maps Scraper, you will become aware of businesses, target industries, and potential competitors in the market

What Data Does Google Maps Have?

Initially, Google Maps was a website for directions only, but now has become a large business directory full of useful information for business people and consumers? The Google Maps data includes

The company’s name,

Address, and hours of operation.

Email address, phone number, social media, and website links

Ratings and Reviews on a business

Gathering data from Google Maps is vital for businesses of all sizes that want to better understand their reputation with consumers and find local competition.

How Can I Search For Data From Google Maps?

The Google Maps database, which has a business’s name, categories, phone number, zip code, and much more is easily accessible with a Google Maps Scraper. If you search for specific business data for a specific location and industry, you will be presented with all available information, from which you can choose the most appropriate. The on-screen dashboard is your only solution, it contains all relevant business contact information. You can also search by keyword or by specific location name. Business types and rankings are examples of keywords.

How To Get Business Information From Google Maps?

Although you can manually obtain useful data from the Google Maps website, this method is very time-intensive, especially for large enterprises that collect and operate with massive amounts of data on a daily basis. You might be wondering how to extract information from Google Maps quickly and effortlessly.

Web scraping technology is a technique for quickly obtaining data from Google Maps business listings. The best tool for collecting data from Google Maps is Google Map Extractor, a project by Ahmad Software Technologies.

Benefits Of Using Extracted Google Maps Data 

There are many benefits of using a Google Maps Listings Scraper. For example, you will get in CSV, Excel, and Text files quickly and easily without any coding knowledge. Some of the advantages of using the Google Maps database collected with Google Maps Crawler are listed below.

Get Reviews Data From Google Maps

Google Maps is a great marketing tool for business owners to connect with new and existing clients. The Google Maps Data Extractor can be used to get business data from Google Maps to run successful marketing campaigns.

By scraping review data, you may understand what customers are saying and gain a much wider picture of the remarks. You may get into an Excel, CSV, and Excel file, making it easier to design a strategy for future improvement.

Furthermore, by getting review data, you can make changes in your business that customers love according to their reviews.

Helpful To Grow Sales With Marketing Campaigns

Google Maps business listings normally contain a business address, name, phone number, ratings, reviews, email address, and working hours. With Google Maps Reviews Scraper, you can scrape all this data easily in a few minutes. Emails and Phone Numbers are very important to running any email marketing or mobile campaign. You can collect this data from Google Maps and can target them easily to grow your business sales and revenue.

Helpful In Freelancing

Many freelancers are using Google Maps Scraping tools and providing Google Maps Scraping services on freelancing websites. They get orders from a freelancing website from a client and complete their orders with a click of a button by using Google Maps Email Extractor. A freelancer can earn a minimum of 500$-800$ a month by providing Google Maps data extraction services.

How Can I Scrape The Business Emails From Google Maps In Bulk?

You can use Google Maps Contact Extractor to scrape data and create your own business database from Google Maps. You can extract the company’s emails, and phone numbers from Google Maps’ various business profiles as well as from the country and industry you choose. Moreover, if the email is not found on the business listing, the software will check for the email on the website given on the business listing.

This business lead extractor will scrape each and every contact detail from a business profile.

When you use the Google Maps Scraper, you’ll find a number of filters to apply, that help you pick and choose which data to scrape and which to trash. This Google Places Scraper, for example, makes it simple to scrape data from multiple business listings simultaneously.


The best Google Maps Scraper is a great time saver as it saves you hundreds of hours and provides thousands of emails and phone numbers daily from Google Maps without any programming knowledge. In short, Google Map Extractor automates the whole process of finding, extracting, exporting, and sorting data from Google Maps to Excel.



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