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Hourglass Escape Rooms

Nestled on the west coast of the United States, Seattle is one of the most beautiful coastal cities that you can ever come across in the US! Featuring a beautiful landscape, it is sure to ensnare you in its bounty. Despite the numerous high-rise buildings that stand tall in the city, Seattle also gives an abundance of space for the lush green beauty of nature to flourish. 


All across the city, there are several notable places of tourist attraction and many unique things to do. From the escape rooms Seattle to adventurous hiking trails, the city has a lot in roll for every tourist. Furthermore, many travelers have noted the amazing variety of foods that the city has to offer. Therefore, there is no doubt that Seattle is surely one of the best places that you can visit next! 

Above all, Seattle is largely known for the amazing escape room adventures that it provides to escape junkies. Everyone is seen to enjoy their time playing these fantastic games. However, amongst all the different escape room venues present in the city, Hourglass Escapes happens to attract a massive crowd of players almost every other day.  

In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary details about Hourglass Escapes to make it easy for you to visit this place. So, let us begin! 


Hourglass Escapes 

Established back in the year 2016, Hourglass Escapes is a partial woman and veteran-run escape room venture. The brand aims to offer custom-built escape room adventures to immerse the players in a different world altogether.  

No. of players: 2 – 50 


  • The venue offers three different and unique escape room games for players to enjoy playing. All three games are available to players both as in-person escape games as well as remote escape games.  
  • The cost of enjoying an escape room game at this venue is approximately $30 per person. 
  • Players who are at least 16 years can enjoy playing the escape room games independently. But children who are 12 years old or above must take part in the escape room games with adult supervision.  
  • The venue offers players a paid parking facility to park their vehicles. The parking lot is located at the back of this escape room venue.   
  • Physically handicapped people can access the wheelchair-accessible entrance on the gaming premises for greater ease of accessibility.  
  • Currently, Hourglass Escapes is only providing private escape room games for players to play.  
  • Every escape room is properly disinfected after the completion of each escape room game.  
  • Players need to wear their face masks while they are inside the gaming premises. 
  • Social distancing norms and regulations are strictly maintained to look into the health and welfare of the players.  
  • This escape room venture does not have any strict cancellation or refund policy.  
  • Rescheduling your booking is only possible when informed to the authorities approximately 4 hours in advance (with no extra charges). 
  • Players can get out of the escape room and re-enter it at any time, in case of emergencies. However, no extra time is provided in such cases. 
  • No kind of photography or videography is allowed inside any of the escape room games.  
  • Players who arrive more than 15 minutes late for their games are no longer allowed to play the game.  

Games Available: 

Evil Dead 2 

  1. Theme: Horror 
  2. Price: $40 per person (in-person escape game) 
  3. $30 per person (remote escape game) 
  4. Recommended no. of players: 2 – 6 
  5. Approximate time duration: 70 mins 

Rise of the Mad Pharaoh 

  1. Theme: Adventure 
  2. Price: $34 per person (in-person escape games) 
  3. $30 per person (remote escape game) 
  4. Recommended no. of players: 5 – 12 
  5. Approximate time duration: 60 mins 
  6. Storyline: Upon your arrival, you will meet the Curator of the Seattle Archaeological Antiquities division. Your task is to use your brain and unravel the clues from the crates of artifacts and signs, that the trapped doctor has left. Can you solve the clues and save the doctor from his grave?  

 The Ghostly Galleon  

  1. Theme: Adventure 
  2. Price: $34 per person (in-person escape game) 
  3.  $35 per person (remote escape game) 
  4. Recommended no. of players: 2 – 8 
  5. Approximate time duration: 60 mins 

Hourglass Escapes offers some of the most amazing escape room experiences in Seattle. With immersive plots, and unique sets and designs, make sure to visit this place and make the most of your time in Seattle! 

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