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In 2022 React.js and React Native will remain among the most well-known frameworks used to develop front-end applications. Due to React’s declarative design, React is used to create user interfaces that are interactive with convenience and flexibility and are also very easy to update and render components.

Since React continuously provides developers with a positive work experience and the flexibility to alter every component at any time, Every year, the market is flooded with new React engineers available on the market.

If you are currently looking to hire React.js developer, this article is for you. I will also share my story of how I become one. Let’s discuss together how to hire amazing React developers.

What is React.js. ?

I want to start by introducing React in case you’re not acquainted with them.

React.js was first released in 2013 as a JavaScript library that allows the creation of web-based user interfaces. It was created by Jordan Walke, a software developer who works for Facebook. It allows for creating applications containing large quantities of data and modifying this data without having to reload pages.

The principal goal behind React.js is quick and extensible while still being simple and offering developers the capability to design components that could be used as skeletons in applications.

The growing popularity of React and who is using it?

A framework’s popularity style is easily quantifiable, and it can show the latest trends in the programming community over time.

According to the study of Stackoverflow for the year 2020, React is the top web framework and the second most popular web framework. When compared to Angular and Vue.js, React holds the top spot. Additionally, React is home to more than 1 million repositories on GitHub.

React.js is one of the highly-rated components among the community. It is employed by many of the most well-known businesses, including:


A marketplace for vacation rentals connects owners who wish to rent their properties with those looking for lodging in a particular area. It covers 191 countries across the globe.


A free video and photo sharing mobile application operated by Facebook. Users can upload images and videos and post them on their Facebook pages to share with their followers. As of January 2020, there were more than 1 billion monthly active users and around 500 million daily active users. It is used on average 4.2 billion times per day.


The most successful streaming service for media subscriptions is available across nearly every country worldwide. There are 165.1 million Netflix paying customers with an average viewing time of approximately 2 hours daily.


A visual search engine that is great for finding ideas for home and style recipes, home and style inspirations, etc. Pinterest is home to 322 million active monthly users and has more than 2000 billion saved pins.

The benefits of making use of React JS:

Now is the time to talk about the advantages of React.js from both the perspective of a business owner and a developer’s viewpoint.

Perspective from a business perspective

  • Popularity – React is a reliable and well-established technology that has gained popularity over the years and isn’t going anywhere soon.
  • SEO-friendly HTML0 is SEO friendly – not just Facebook likes React, Google does too. Google and other search engines may have issues understanding JavaScript-based applications. However, this is not the case with React.js.
  • Cost-effective HTML is affordable – there’s no need to invest in the technology due to the shorter time to market
  • and excellent user experience due to features such as Concurrent Mode virtual DOM and React Fiber. React applications are lightning fast, improving the user experience.
  • Speed and performance React is renowned for its speed as well as incredible performance. If it’s good enough in the realm of Netflix and Instagram, it’ll also work for you.
  • Time-to-market, particularly for startups, the time-to-market factor is essential. Utilizing React to develop web-based apps makes it possible to build your app faster, release an MVP to test, and make adjustments to improve the product.
  • It is easy to find developers and easy to hire developers. The long-term popularity of the framework ensures that the talent pool for React engineers is expanding due to the increasing demand for these engineers. Finding competent engineers for the project you are working on should not be difficult.

When did I start my journey to becoming a React Native developer?

Now is the perfect moment to share my story about my journey to becoming a React Native designer.

The engineer I work for is a civil engineer with an education. I was searching for new opportunities in my job and challenges to grow. When I decided to change my name and job, I began researching which technologies I should be taking the time to learn. JavaScript appeared to be a language of the future that is relatively simple to master while offering the opportunity to create applications in various fields from front-end to back-end, including mobile, desktop, and native desktop applications.

How can I find and hire React developers?

Let’s discuss the primary issue of this article right now: how to hire a React.js developer to work on the project you are working on. Two possible ways to accomplish this are internally hiring or outsourcing the development. Of course, there are pros and advantages to both.

The advantages of hiring developers in-house are a more unified culture, face-to-face communications, and speedier modifications. But, developing in-house software results in more significant expenses because you must manage expenses such as rent tax, software, hardware, and, of course, salaries. Additionally, staff turnover is usually more than expected since software developers frequently change their working environment due to the market’s needs. Employing employees in-house can be challenging to get the right people and hire.

The ideal solution to the challenges of in-house development could be outsourcing. According to Statista IT-related outsourcing market is projected to rise to about 96.7 million U.S. Dollars by 2021. Outsourcing is a great way to reduce costs since most businesses, such as Seller that provide these services, have affordable rates. Additionally, you have access to an enormous talent pool worldwide that offers unlimited opportunities for hiring. Scalability is a significant benefit. Through outsourcing, you can count on an earlier delivery of your project as it cuts down the time in hiring.


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