Here Are A Few Myths About Custom Boxes


A customized package can be prepared precisely according to your requirements with the assistance of high-quality printing and customization. Even though you are an excellent potential customer for custom boxes, you will find that there are at least a few myths that will confuse you during various stages of the process. A customer has many questions before she steps into a custom packaging room, and the manufacturer Aims to answer as many questions as he can effectively. Although there are currently many misconceptions surrounding our field, there are some that cannot be eliminated. Throughout this article, we will attempt to put to rest some of the myths about custom boxes that are not true and can in no way be justified.

1. Minimums for Custom Boxes

The minimum requirements for custom packaging boxes seem to be huge to many people, but that is not true. Many companies in the industry print boxes, but not all have minimum orders starting at 1,000 boxes and next increasing to 5000 packets. Starting a business or a small or medium-sized business that believes it cannot afford large minimum deposits is looking for alternative funding methods. When designing your retail boxes, printing may be the perfect solution for you. Act solution for you. The other options may harm the attractiveness of your packaging, making it less appealing to your clients.

  • As a result, your products do not stand out among the competition in the competitive market.
  • Several manufacturers can provide your business with custom packaging services and printing with fewer minimums than those available on the market today.
  • These companies offer quality boxes beginning with 100 boxes in their minimum order quality.
  • They are, therefore, an excellent option for entrepreneurs who are just starting small businesses.

2. The Lead Time Is Long

In addition to that, there is another misconception that custom printed boxes tend to have too long lead times. Customers believe that this will make it harder for them to enter the market and slow their progress. However, there is no such thing as this. After the client has approved the artwork and signed off on the proof of the printing card, most of the custom orders will be delivered within seven days. In case of a large order, the printed boxes will take a week to arrive at a customer’s door. This is if the box printing company delivers the order to the customer.

Furthermore, if you repeat an order in less than a week, this process may also take less than a week. The companies sometimes have products on hand in their inventory. Additionally, they may also be able to process your order quickly by adding your brand name, logo, and other relevant information to your order. As a result, whichever packaging you want, be it a product box, a food box, or any other packaging, we can deliver it to you quickly and efficiently.

3. Custom Printing Is Difficult

The custom printing process is often regarded as a complex one by many people. This is not necessarily the case. As a result of printing plates and more refined artwork, this is a complicated and expensive process. The printing plates must work properly; otherwise, everything should proceed smoothly. When changing or making printed printing plates requires a certain amount of effort.

On the other hand, the expenditure is one-time. It’s worth noting that once the printing plates have been made, they become the customer’s property, and they can easily be used to print hundreds of retail boxes at a cost-effective rate. It is possible to have a team of experts work with you to design the appropriate artwork for your cardboard boxes. Providing their customers with high-quality packaging requires them to work on complex logo designs, sophisticated artwork, and three-dimensional images.

4. Costs Are Too High

It’s a hassle for every business owner to issue costs, which is among their significant concerns. Printing costs are not usually high, but this myth should be debunked. Although the fact remains that custom packaging boxes are more costly as the order size decreases, this fact cannot be denied. No matter how large or small the order may be, printing has a minimum impact on the cost of the box. The print plate and artwork costs mainly determine printing costs. Printing plates are created once, only once, making them a one-time expense. Reusable prints are produced once and are re-used indefinitely to achieve high-quality images. This is simply because printing is an effective method of handling thousands of boxes each day, so it is a popular solution for large companies.

Moreover, if small-scale companies go for other options like putting on labels, stickers, or custom tapes, they should closely examine the pros and cons of each one.

The fact is that manual repair can be time-consuming and very difficult. In real life, taking care of hundreds of packages each day becomes ineffective when you have to deal with so many.

5. Is Cardboard Energy-Consuming?

The fact that cardboard and its products are produced with such large amounts of energy is considered by some people to be not a good thing. The energy requirement of the pulp industry has been reduced substantially, according to research statistics. Besides being a renewable energy source with a low carbon footprint, solar energy is also one of the largest renewable energy sources. More than 50% of the electricity used to make paper products in Europe comes from renewal sources. In addition, more than half of the energy used to make paper products is derived from biomass.

Additionally, making paper Custom Boxes products is not that harmful to the environment. It’s a natural product that’s made from wood pulp and paper. We also use cardboard to make custom boxes because it’s a green product that decomposes in the environment. Considering that many natural resources are saved if we recycle them and make them from scratch, they should not be prohibited from doing so be recycled. Furthermore, recycling can also help the environment by reducing the emission of methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. You can, therefore, ensure a healthy environment for your children and grandchildren in the future.


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