Hemant Soren’s government gets the confidence vote of Jharkhand Assembly amid walkout by BJP MLAs


48 MLAs supported of the motion in the 81-member assembly. Soren claimed that BJP tried to create a “civil war” situation in the country through fuelling violence in order to gain votes’.

Ranchi: The Jharkhand Assembly on Monday passed the confidence motion put forward by the Chief Minister Hemant Soren in the midst of a protest led by BJP legislators.

The MLAs of as many as 48 were in favor of the motion to confirm of the Assembly’s 81 members. Assembly.

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In the one-day sessions, Soren said the need for trust votes was felt in the sense that BJP had been “attempting to destabilise democratically elected governments” in non-BJP-governed states, like Jharkhand.

He said that the BJP was attempting to create an “civil war-like situation in country by fuelling riots to win elections”.

The assembly was suspended sine-die.

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