Guide to having a breast lift surgery


Looking to get a breast lift or a redrapagemammaire in Montreal? For those who do not know about the surgery process, the treatment involves reshaping the breasts to give them a firm and rounded look. It also involves reducing the size of the areola.

Why do people need breast lifts?

As women get older, their breasts lose their firmness and elasticity. The process heightens all the more due to weight loss or weight gain, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and more. This is when women either go for breast augmentation or breast lift surgeries.

So, you may plan on opting for it in the following cases:

  • When your breasts lose shape and volume and perhaps seem saggy.
  • When your nipples sag below the breast creases.
  • When the areole or the nipples point downward.
  • When your areole seems a little too stretched or out of proportion.
  • When one breast falls lower than the other.

The process behind breast lift surgeries

When it comes to redrapagemammaire in Montreal, surgeons can achieve the desired results through different procedures. In fact, what process would be used for breast lift surgery entirely depends on the breast size and the amount of lift needed.

Before the surgery, your surgeon would ask you to stop using certain types of medications. If you are a smoker, you’d need to stop smoking as much as 4 weeks before the procedure. This is chiefly because smoking is said to inhibit people’s ability to heal.

Here’s what most breast lift processes include:

  • Your surgeon would first mark the new (lifted) position of the nipple.
  • He would use general anesthesia to relax you and relieve the pain associated with the process.
  • The surgeon would make an incision near the areola and will extend it to the front of the breast. It may also at times extend to the sides of the areola.
  • The surgeon would then lift and reshape the breasts, and even move the areole to a new position on the breasts.
  • The surgeon will remove excess skin from the breasts, giving it a firm appearance.
  • He will then close the incisions. In fact, surgeons usually place incisions on the breasts where they will be less visible.

Can you have breast augmentation and breast lift in a single go?

You may certainly decide to have breast augmentation and the breast lift surgery together, as an implant too adds to the fullness of the breasts, but for safety reasons, your surgeon may not proceed with the two procedures in a single go. In such a case, you can first opt for the breast lift procedure, and then follow it up with augmentation a couple of weeks or months later.

How long does recovery take?

After redrapagemammaire in Montreal, your breasts may stay swollen for a couple of days or weeks, but that’s pretty normal and nothing to be alarmed of. You can use an ice pack on your breasts to reduce the soreness and swelling.

After the surgery, you’d have to wear a non-wired bra for up to three weeks and also sleep on your back. According to experts, the soreness and the swelling should go away in a few weeks, but the breasts may take anywhere between 2-12 months to reach its intended shape.

Key takeaway

Breast lift surgeries are perfect for women looking for lifted and firmer breasts. You may initially have a couple of scars on the breasts but that would go away over time. That said, when you opt for modern breast lift surgeries, it significantly cuts down on scarring. However, once the surgery is over, maintain your body weight to avoid the change of breast shape again. That is not all! You may not be able to breastfeed after the surgery, so if you plan on getting pregnant, you must first discuss it with your surgeon at length.

Breast lift surgeries aren’t permanent because as you age, the skin naturally loses its elasticity. This is why the breast starts sagging, more so if you have heavier breasts. In any case, redrapagemammaire in Montreal can help, though you would have to maintain a stable and healthy weight to retain the results.

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