Google Ads: 6 Benefits you should know

Google ads

You might be interested in learning more about the advantages that a platform such as Google Ads could bring to your business.

It is crucial to create digital and strategic advertising campaigns to showcase your products or services online and reach potential customers who might be interested in what you offer.

Google Ads Benefits

These are the top Google Ads advantages every business should know:

  1. Connect with the people you care about first among the Google Ads benefits

Target Your ad will only be shown to repeat customers if you enter their characteristics for them.

  • Age
  • Passions
  • The education level
  • Geographic origin
  • You can also use a range of targeting methods.

This will allow you to create your digital buyer persons and offer your solution to his problem. If all elements of your digital communication work together (first and foremost, the website), you can significantly increase the likelihood of converting the user into customers. You also increase your retention of customers who already have a strong, lasting image return.

  1. Advertising tools that fit our budget

Using Google Ads allows you to adapt your web marketing activity to your budget. There are 2 purposes

  • You have total control over your spending, and you can modify the offer at any time based on the progress of the campaign.
  • Digital advertising can be done without a minimum. You can, however, choose how much you want to invest in each campaign based on your financial resources and objectives.
  1. Statisticians and data are constantly updated

It is very costly to collect, analyze, and study numbers. This includes time and energy. Google Ads has many advantages, but more importantly, online advertising offers the benefit of having always up-to-date statistics and data. You’ll be able to see in real-time which results are being reached and correct any that aren’t.

You can select the KPIs that you wish to achieve your goal. This will allow you to keep under control of the many available on the platform. Take, for example:

  • Number of conversions
  • Conversion rate
  • The conversion cost
  • Number of clicks
  • Cost per Click
  • The average stay time on the site after clicking
  • And Many other

You can track what you are interested in and assess the actual effectiveness of your actions.

  1. SEO optimization is all you need to climb the SERP quickly without any additional effort

Search ads can help you climb the SERP (Google’s results page). You will be able to rank higher than your competitors even if you started your online journey after them.

Paid advertisements, unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is slow and effective in delivering results, allow you to “buy”, the first position of keywords that interest you. You can avoid spending and wait as long as it takes for the search engine to rank your website organically.

  1. Brand awareness can be increased

Similar to ads for the display network, you can also appear as an advertisement banner on Google partner websites (over 2,000,000 portals). This will increase brand awareness and make you the first company customers think of when they need to purchase products or services from your catalog.

Your platform will also be visible on all portals that relate to your sector. This is where it is most likely that the users to which your offer might be of value are concentrated.

Finally, you can display your ad to all users who have visited your site in recent times, confirming your existence.

  1. Google offers training

Google has a transparent company. The search engine has created a series of guides that allow anyone to make informed use.

You will be able to understand the entire world of digital marketing by reading and studying all of them. This is just one thing you must do to create ads that perform well. Other skills are:

  • Skills in copywriting techniques
  • Ability to design and develop landing pages for e-commerce.
  • Study of social media management dynamics
  • Graphics knowledge can be used to include users with images
  • Analyze the data from any test to understand performance variations: This is because theory can often fail in practice, and we need to continue to search for better solutions.

Google Ads services

The Digital Specialist agency can deal fully with Google Ads. Our agency has been in operation in the digital world for many years. We specialize in advertising.

All the skills you need to enjoy all the Google Ads advantages that we just mentioned are at your disposal. Our team works together in synergy to achieve tangible and quantifiable results.

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