Gojek Clone : New Version Features For The Growth Of Your Business

gojek clone

The Gojek Clone app is the best on-demand platform that offers numerous services right from booking a taxi to hiring a masseuse, and much more. Besides the brightest of services, this robust app also provides attractive features. Every feature of this mobile application is designed and coded to enhance the user experience! All in all, if you are an entrepreneur thinking about launching a Gojek-like app, don’t wait another minute and simply invest in the idea. 

In this blog, we will discuss all the features that are latest on the app. Let’s begin! 

Gojek Clone and Its Latest Features Are Making a Market-wide Statement 

Here are all the latest features of this Gojek clone app. Read through to know in-depth about them! 

1. Multiple credit card management 

The mobile application now lets the customers manage multiple credit cards with which they can make payments. The feature allows customers to manage the cards by editing or deleting a card, making a default, or adding another. 

In short, payment methods are manageable easily! 

2. Video calling option 

The on-demand multi-service app also allows the customers to video call the delivery or taxi driver. This communication method is an addition to over-the-internet voice calling and texting is turning out to be helpful for the customers and the providers. 

3. Login with biometric authentication 

By biometric authentication, we imply logging in using Face ID or Fingerprint Scanning. The Gojek Clone app makes the best use of the technology and lets iPhone and Android smartphone users use these latest tricks to login into the mobile app without having to remember their usernames and passwords. 

Moreover, with biometric authentication, the security doubles making the customers focus on shopping more and worrying less about security. 

4. Taxi booking via iWatch 

This modern on-demand multi-service app lets customers book a taxi ride using the iWatch app. The iWatch app is the renowned smartwatch by Apple that people use to track their steps, keep tabs on their health, or attend to calls or messages while away from their phones.  

In short, taxi booking with this smartwatch has made it easy for people to book a ride without having their phones handy! 

5. Upload multiple photos 

For supermarkets or restaurants, this Gojek Clone app includes a crucial feature. Using this feature, the restaurants and stores can upload multiple photos and videos of the items. The principal purpose of this app is – that users can have a better and more clear view of the item that they are buying.

The Question Is – Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest in New Features

Here are some concrete reasons why you must invest in new features for your on-demand multi-service app:

1. To stay a curve ahead of the competition 

Any business needs to remain a step ahead of the competition. Otherwise, a huge chunk of your customers will shift to their offerings, leaving you with no other choice but to shut down the business. Therefore, feed the tech-savvy generation what they want without thinking twice! 

2. Offer a smooth sailing business 

Building a business that is effective and runs smoothly is not a myth anymore. Once you add the latest technology, functions, and features into the  Gojek Clone app you will see your customers commenting: 

  • “Smooth app, doesn’t crash!” 
  • “Quick delivery” 
  • “Easy live tracking” 
  • “Covid-safe deliveries”

Benefits of On-Demand Multi-Service App to Entrepreneurs

1. After-sales support

You’ll get excellent after-sales assistance, along with quality product that is highly coded and of high-quality. This is where you can enjoy up to two years worth of free app updates based on the plan

The white labeling company will send you a zip file and the updated app file. This means that you will receive the updated app. local team of app developers or a professional can install and deploy the apps.

2. App submission

The team that develops apps at the white-labeling agency will publish your app on the App Stores, that’s Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If an entrepreneur is looking to upload your Gojek Clone apps on the Huawei Store, that can be the case too.

3. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Another advantage of selecting the most reliable white-labeled app that the business will be able to be able to sign a A valid Non-Disclosure Agreement signed with your. A valid NDA will help protect your personal information.

from their competitors. The firm states that regardless of what happens they are required to divulge information about competitors.

4. Native iOS and Android apps

The app script that purchased will come with an app that is native to iOS as well as Android apps. The application Developers create these applications with the most advanced technology stack currently available. The developers build these apps using the best technology stack available. in short it is possible to make more money and sell more on different platforms!

In addition to the applications that are native to the device, the company will also offer an upscale website as well as IWatch applications and web panels to make business easier.


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