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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi

Awareness De-Addiction Rehabilitation Centre has been supporting addicts seeking to change and better their lifestyle for the past ten years. The Top Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi is Awareness  Foundation. Awareness Foundation employs highly skilled and well-respected psychiatrists and physiotherapists as well as a similarly qualified and dedicated team, all of whom are working toward a common goal: the abolition of dangerous addictions. We provide an accurate diagnosis as well as step-by-step therapy, making us one of Delhi’s best drug and alcohol rehabilitation and de-addiction centers.


Why should you choose us?

There are many reasons to choose us:

  1. 24*7 medical and supporting staff
  2. Hygienic Food.
  3. Clean living area
  4. Multidisciplinary wellness program
  5. Recovery Treatment includes guided yoga and meditation session and therapies.
  6. Furnished and air-conditioned rooms.


Our Treatment:

We are ready to meet with you and discuss your concerns. We’ll put together a plan that’s right for you. We are waiting to meet you.


Alcohol Addiction:


One of the most important rehabilitation center in Punjab is the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, which assists people in overcoming their alcoholism or alcohol misuse habits. Rehab Point is a facility that specializes in the treatment of drug dependence, particularly alcoholism. It’s a place where a person can get rid of all of their terrible drinking and drugging behaviors.

Mental Health:

A mental health rehab centre in Punjab is a facility that provides a range of mental health possible treatments. Mental disorders may be harmful to both the person who is afflicted and their loved ones, and they can even lead to suicide. For persons suffering from mental disorders, such as drug misuse and addiction, Awareness De-Addiction Rehabilitation Centre is provided.


Cocaine Addiction Treatment:


Cocaine is a euphoriant. To put it another way, it boosts arousal and vitality. It alters the brain’s neural connections, wanting it to feel agitated, energized, and energized. Cocaine habit develops quickly, even after several efforts. Drug abuse can be harmful to one’s health. To put it another way, your body is begging for treatment. It’s also possible that it’s a mental illness. To put it another way, they have a high craving for pharmacological effects. Perhaps you or anyone you know is hooked on cocaine. Perhaps the outcome of the battle is in your hands. This article will assist you in defining and identifying the signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction in yourself or others.


We can make you realize the reasons for addiction and how it affects your life. You may need hospital treatment if you have a significant substance abuse problem. You may also require a detox program to clear your system of drugs and alcohol.

Detox Treatment:

We can make you realize the reasons for addiction and how it affects your life. You may need hospital treatment if you have a significant substance abuse problem. To get rid of drugs and alcohol in your body, you may also need a detox program.

Our detox process at the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad is tailored to each individual and the circumstances surrounding their addiction. The length of detox typically depends on the severity of your addiction, past experiences with drugs, and personal determination. We strongly recommend that you arrange for a friend or family member to come with you during your first visit so they can offer support during this crucial time.


Can I trust Awareness De-Addiction Rehabilitation Centre for addiction?


Yes, You can trust our Awareness De-Addiction Rehabilitation Centre. We follow a holistic approach to helping clients. We strongly believe that one’s alcoholic dependency is determined by three factors:

  1. How one feels about the trauma
  2. How one reacts to it.
  3. How one behaves in response to it.

As a result, we organize therapies and sessions that focus on total recovery by training the body and mind. We are the most trustworthy alcohol de-addiction centre in Punjab because of our holistic approach to living a healthy and good life free of addiction.

Addiction is no longer the problem that it used to be in the past. It has become widespread, and those suffering from substance use disorder need help urgently. Drug addiction no longer means a single person being addicted to one drug. It is a social issue that can cause major problems if not treated in time. There are many ways through which a patient or a person who wants to recover from drug addiction can contact us. One of them includes contacting us through our website or calling us on our helpline number.

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