From 11 May Google Blocks All Call Recording Applications On Play Store


Google will take voice recording apps off from Google Play Store starting May 11. Google Play Store starting May 11.

These include all developers that offer third-party voice recording.


The apps will be prevented from accessing the accessibility API that they need to use to record calls.

Google declared it was aware that Accessibility API is not designed and therefore cannot be used to request recording audio from remote calls.

But, if the application serves as the primary dialer of an iPhone and is loaded Accessibility Capability isn’t necessary to access the an audio stream that is coming in.

Therefore that it is be deemed to  not be in breach.

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A New Policy

This means that software applications can be granted any authorization since they have been already installed.

Third-party applications don’t enjoy the same freedoms and    must to be granted permissions.

It will implement the new Google Play Store policies  which will Block third-party applications from making use of access to the Accessibility API for recording the audio streams of calls.

native functionality

The native call recording function will be unaffected.

Exempt are also system applications that are pre-installed and have permission to access accessibility API.

This is thought of aisa  native recording feature for calls Dialers from Xiaomi and Pixel as an example.

Android users won’t be in a position to record calls if they don’t own built-in call recorders starting May 11.

Smartphones made by Google, Xiaomi, and Samsung have an integrated call recorder.

Crusade Against Misusers

Google has been trying to stop recording calls on Android phones for quite some time.

These changes are designed to increase security and privacy as laws regarding call recording around the globe vary in terms of their rigor.

It was found that some developers were  the accessibility API in order to monitor users.

On Android 10, Google blocked recording calls by default.

To to avopid this, Play Store apps have begun by using Accessibility API to record calls.

This won’t work anymore with the applications.

Truecaller Record Functionality

There are several countries, including the majority of Europe where recording calls is unconstitutional 

Indian people who use the renowned Truecaller application are expected to suffer.

A spokesperson confirmed that, as per the revised Google Developer Program policies it is no longer able to provide call recording for any longer.

Call recording was among the most requested features of the app that was added in the last update last year.


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