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When you choose Dubai as your resort, you will never be disappointed. The majority of your time can be spent here with your family and friends. It is simple, with such a diverse range that draws visitors. The evening desert safari trip in Dubai is awe-inspiring and exciting, attracting both visitors and travellers. You must understand the desert’s cover function and be willing to try new things.

The evening desert safari is essential for all visitors to Dubai. A trip memory to share with your friends and family back home. The desert safari is highly recommended and best enjoyed in the evening.

Here are some important activities that morning desert safari packs for you:


The tour starts in the afternoon and includes multiple photos stops. During dune bashing, you can stop to enjoy the sunset before arriving at our tent site. You can enjoy the opportunity of riding a camel, going sandboarding, and trying out a henna design at Desert Camp.

A journey to Dubai is not complete without a stop for Desert safari. The dunes’ beauty is enhanced by the setting sun, and it’s time for you to take in the breathtaking scenery. There are a variety of engaging activities to participate in, and, as well as a complete system of refreshments, including soft drinks, junk food, coffee, and tea.

The evening desert safari is essential for all visitors to Dubai. A trip memory to share with your friends and family back home. The desert safari is highly recommended and best enjoyed in the evening.

If you become tired after participating in multiple activities such as quad biking, sandboarding, and dune bashing, While admiring the beautiful night scenery, take a camel ride or a stroll over the sandy desert.

Evening Desert Safari Overview:

Prepare yourself for a great guided desert safari trip excursion that will take you on an incredible journey. It allows you to appreciate the true expanse and beauty of the Arabian Desert’s scenery.

You can spend 5 to 6 hours overall, which will allow you to not only explore the stunning desert terrain but also learn about the history of the area. Enjoy the great Arab culture and hospitality as well.

Dune Bashing Trill:

Enjoy off-road driving while losing yourself in the beauty of Dubai’s desert scenery. The enormous dunes are worth exploring. There will be quick stops in the desert to record sunset scenes. The beautiful desert scenery will captivate you. Your thrilling adventure continues, and you will notice a huge change in the dunes’ height. By visiting the campsite, you may unwind around the fires and savor the fine cuisine served in an appealing atmosphere. Traditional performances such as belly dance and the Tanura show will also enchant you.

Different Desert Activities:

Visitors can participate in a variety of Bedouin-inspired cultural events, such as camel rides, as part of this Dubai desert safari. Other photo chances include wearing Arabic clothes, smoking shisha, and applying henna. A 15-minute quad bike or sandboarding session can also be added to your Dubai desert tour.  There is a variety of packages available for your evening desert safari trip. You can select one as per your requirements and needs.

Live BBQ Dinner:

The evening safari package is the best option when dealing with a tour operator since it ensures a fun-filled night with a number of different activities. You will never be bored in Dubai, particularly if you embark on an evening desert safari.

A live BBQ dinner is included in the evening desert safari package. A live BBQ supper with vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives will be served to the visitors. There are three dishes in the dinner: appetizers, a main course, and a dessert. The food is delightful and freshly served on the campsite.

The safari tour also includes a bonfire, scrumptious cuisines, beverages, music, dance, and other activities.


Although morning desert safaris are relaxing, the evening session offers you a perfect experience of Dubai’s desert. It’s also great for avoiding the searing desert heat during the day and enjoying its charm in a cool, refreshing environment when the sunsets. Furthermore, the majority of evening desert safaris include food as well as Bedouin-inspired activities and entertainment.

As a result, you need to go on an evening desert safari with your friends and family to enjoy the calmness of the atmosphere.


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