Finally Allowed To All Vaccinated Indians to Arrive Without Quarantine In Singapore


As reports of new Covid-19 cases decrease in the midst of the growing vaccination drive travel routes, both internationally and domestically, are expanding.

The latest news regarding international travel, beginning on November 29th, Singapore will allow passengers from five additional countries to travel through its borders without regulations regarding quarantine.

Furthermore, Turkey has released its guidelines for travellers who are traveling to Turkey coming from India and Nepal with regards to PCR testing and quarantine.

Continue reading to learn more about the travel rules of these two countries.

Singapore Allows Indians

Singapore has declared that it will allow passengers who are from India and Indonesia in addition to three other countries, bringing the total up to five countries, to cross its border without having the travelers from these countries being required to undergo quarantine upon entry into Singapore.

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In addition, from in the month of April, this nation will permit passengers coming from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to travel through its borders the minister said.

Turkey Accepts Indians However, only if this The Criteria are Satisfied

In addition to Singapore, Turkey is another country that has opened its borders to travelers coming from India and Nepal as long as they have been fully vaccine-vaccinated, i.e. they have received at least two doses of vaccination approved for use in emergency situations in emergencies by WHO or Turkey and have remained at least 14 days from their second vaccination.

The only passengers who will be exempted from quarantining upon their arrival in Turkey arriving via India and Nepal as the country stated on Monday.

As well as being vaccinated, the individuals are also required to take an PCR test that is negative within 72 hours prior to entering the country.

If the traveler is unable to pass a negative PCR test upon arriving in Turkey and is unable to do so, they will be required to be detained in their home or at the address of their stay for 14 days. They must take the PCR testing on their 10th day.

If it is determined that the PCR test is not negative The passenger will then be allowed to end their quarantine , or else their stay will be extended to an additional 14 days.

Aged 12-18, passengers are required to submit a testing for PCR 72 hours prior to the time of arrival in Turkey after arriving in Turkey, another test of PCR will be carried out. If the second test results are negative, will the person be granted exemption from quarantining requirements.

There is no vaccination or PCR testing requirement is expected from children younger than 12 years old Crew members will not be subject to the PCR test requirements.


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