Factors to consider when choosing a birth control

birth control
Birth control medicine

Birth control is an effective method to be sexually active yet evade the chances of getting pregnant. Some of the barrier methods are also used for to prevent sexually transmitted infections as well.

There is a wide variety of birth control options available, from the least to more invasive ones. It can then become daunting as to what option to consider.

Choosing a contraceptive process:

When choosing a contraceptive, it helps to talk to your gynecologist in Karachi, as they have a better assessment of your health, and can monitor your progress accordingly.

There are other facets as well that you can explore when making a choice for a contraceptive.

Factors to consider when choosing birth control


Let’s be honest, price matters. You need to factor in the cost for the birth control options for in your budget to deduce which works best for you. There are many cost effective procedure available that are good and affordable to anyone.


Not all birth control options are created equal. Some are more effective than others.

The birth control options that don’t require you to intervene with every sexual experience are generally considered to  more effective. Since they don’t rely on the person and their flawed ability to remember. Procedures that come under this ambit include sterilization –whether it be tubal ligation or vasectomy –IUD and other implants.

Lesser Effective Method:

The lesser effective methods are the one that require people to take them daily or apply at the time of the intercourse. For example, oral contraceptive pills need to taken almost every day, and failure to remember will source of problem for you.

Similarly, using condoms, diaphragms etc. are also contingent on the flawed human ability to remember, and that too, in the throes of passion.

Loop holes in birth control method:

Moreover, another loophole for these methods is how they are used; for example, putting the condom on in a correct way is important for it to function, otherwise, it won’t be able to do its job properly.

The method of pulling out is considered as one of the most ineffective way. As it relies entirely on the human effort; you may not pull out on in time or fail to remember to pull out altogether.

Benefits otherwise:

Some contraceptive methods also have other benefits that can  weighed in as well. For example, condoms can also protect against STIs, oral contraceptive pills can also help women regulate their periods, and the flow, at times they might also help with the menstrual pain as well.

Plan to have a baby:

If you plan to have a baby, then you must factor that in. While vasectomies can reversed, tubal ligation, not so much. Even with vasectomies, there is a slight chance of fertility problems.

Sterilization Process:

Hence, sterilization considered only when you don’t plan on having a baby, at least anytime soon.

Similarly, if you don’t plan on having a baby for around 3 to 6 years, IUD and implants can also be of help. However, if you want to have a baby within a year or so, then more temporary forms of birth control like OCPs or condoms might be more suitable.

Side-effects of the method:

Some methods also might have side-effects that you might then need to consider. For example, oral contraceptive pills can cause side effects like nausea, period issues, weight problems, headaches, tenderness on the breasts, hair loss etc.

Although these sides effects are not that dangerous or to take any medication to treat these difficulties. These side effects could be gone away when your body adjust with your new birth control medication and procedure.

The need for a doctor:

Another factor to consider is whether you need to the help of the doctor or not. For example, for condoms etc., you just need to make a quick visit to the pharmacy. For withdrawal and family planning methods, you need to yourself have knowledge about the process.

However, for methods like vaginal ring, contraceptive patch, or pill, you’ll need to visit a doctor like Dr. Nazir Ahmed one of the best gynecologist in Karachi.

Similarly, for IUDs, implants etc., you might need to make an initial visit to the doctor, but not regularly.

There are many other family planning’s schemes also introduced by the government from time to time, they would provide complete guide how to control the birth and medicine.

About Dr. Nazir Ahmed:

Dr Nazir Ahmed from Karachi is considered as one of the best family doctor in Karachi as gynecologists’ and family planner doctor. there are very less male Gynecologists’ in Pakistan and he is one of them. He has treated many patients and done various surgeries to make an effective birth control.

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