Eyebrow Transplant: Cost And Its Benefits

eyebrow transplant near me

Eyebrows have gained attention over time. They play a huge role in framing your face. Genetics can also play a massive role in the fullness of your brows. Some people have ample eyebrows, while others have sparse eyebrows. People who want to make their eyebrows full usually fill them using cosmetic products. An eyebrow transplant near me procedure is considered to be non-medical. Therefore, it is not covered by health insurance. Please keep reading to learn the benefits and its cost.

Eyebrows not only serve a cosmetic purpose but also help divert moisture like droplets and sweat away from your eyes. You can start losing your eyebrows for several reasons. Medications, injuries, medical issues, and taking vitamins cause you to start losing your brows. If this is the case, eyebrow transplants will be the best solution—they help change your eyebrows’ appearance and make them appear fuller.

Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow transplants are cosmetic procedures where a cosmetic surgeon takes both the graft and follicle of your hair and transfers them to your brow area. Hair is typically collected from the nape of your neck and the areas around your ears. After these grafts are removed, the doctor will store them in a saline solution container. The hair will stay here for up to one hour before they are implanted into your eyebrows by the surgeon. The procedure is typically conducted under local anesthesia. And therefore, you will not feel anything during the treatment.

After the surgery, the site will be left open, and a crust will start forming around the newly transplanted hair follicles. These crusts are a normal part of healing and will fall off after a few days. You can experience some slight bruising for up to five days. Apply a saline spray after every two to three hours. Most doctors prescribe painkillers, antibiotics, and steroids to take by mouth for up to five days after the surgery.

Your hair will start falling off after the first implantation. However, it is typically normal since the newly transplanted hair will start growing after around three months. Suppose some of the hair grafts refuse to take, or the hair is not quite dense as it should be. You will need to have a retouch nine months after the surgery. This will rely on a case-by-case basis, and you will be required to talk to your doctor regarding this.

Benefits of Eyebrow Transplants

There are several to opt for an eyebrow transplant near me. Some of these reasons are;

  • Burns to the eyebrow site
  • Scarring
  • Tumors
  • Alopecia
  • Eyebrow hair loss due to an underactive thyroid gland

If you suffer from any of the above requirements, you should seek an eyebrow transplant.

Eyebrow Transplant Cost

The actual eyebrow transplant treatment is based on several factors, and these factors include;

  • Your location
  • The number of hair grafts required
  • Specifics of the surgery
  • Health insurance if your eyebrow hair loss results from an accident or burns.
  • Suppose your health insurance covers all or part of the hair surgery.

The average cost of an eyebrow transplant near me is usually $3000 to $8000. Suppose your health covers the treatment. You will need to pay for any copays or deductibles.

Where an Eyebrow Hair Transplant Should be Performed?

Typically, this procedure is done by a dermatologist, cosmetic or plastic surgeon. The surgery can be conducted in an outpatient facility or a medical spa. Therefore, make sure to always shop around for the best provider before you commit to this procedure.

Inquire about the surgeon’s credentials and experience. Usually, they have a portfolio of work to show so that you can know all of their skills. Scheduling a consultation session is critical since it helps you look at the surgeon’s experience and all your questions. Most health care providers will offer you free consultation sessions and are not obligated to book for the procedure until you feel comfortable with the doctor.

Also, never attempt this procedure with a disreputable approach so that you can save money. This is because it can cause severe complications. And you will also be unhappy with the outcome.

Eyebrow transplants are permanent solutions, and the procedure lasts for a lifetime. There is noticeable hair growth after the surgery between four and six months. You will then begin to see the outcome at around ten months.

After the transplantation, the hair growth will remain the same, then grow into a fuller length of your head. Therefore, you should ensure that you trim your eyebrows once a month. This is typically normal for eyebrow implants; after some time, the hair will adjust and might no longer require trimming.


Finding an eyebrow transplant near me is highly beneficial. The procedure offers a long-term outcome if you are unhappy with how your brows appear and are looking for a permanent solution. But the outcome can vary, and there are always some risks of complications with cosmetic surgeries. The procedure might seem simple, but if not done well, it might cause some complications. Therefore, always ensure to weigh all your options carefully and seek advice from your doctor.



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