Extract Multiple Attachments from Outlook & Its Data Files

extract multiple attachments from Outlook

There are various scenarios when a user wants to extract multiple attachments from Outlook email client. We receive such queries from users all around the world. Hence, we decided to provide them with the solution they are searching for. Moreover, this article is going to clear all your doubts regarding this topic.

There are both manual & automated solutions available for users to get the desired results they expect. However, these methods have their own pros & cons that we are also going to discuss down below.

Now, we’ll start with the automated method with the aim of providing the best solution first to solve the query. Then, the manual solutions will be discussed for users seeking various options. Users must note that selecting the right method plays a very crucial role in the end results.

Extract All Attachments from Outlook PST File Smartly

To offer a straight & simple solution to users, the modern method is the way to get rid of this challenge. The modern method also known as the automated method can easily extract all kinds of attachments from a PST file.

The automated method involves Microsoft Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool to get all of the attached & inlined files. This utility is solely dedicated to this task which is why it’s quite accurate with the results. Evidently, Microsoft’s MVPs also recommend this tool for users.

Download the utility & follow the below-mentioned steps along with respective images to extract all the attachments.

Step-1. Launch the Automated Tool & then Click on the Add File or Add Folder option.

step-1 extract multiple attachments from Outlook

Step-2. Select various Options for selective extraction > Set the Destination Folder path.


Step-3. Here, Select all the Categories from which you want to extract the attachments.


Step-4. Finally, Click on the Extract button to get the attachments saved in your system.


Note: After the successful completion of the operation, users can get a report in CSV format. It will be consisting of all the data about the attachment extraction operation.

Manual Method to Extract Multiple Attachments from Outlook

If you want to learn the manual method, here it is. However, the manual method does not extract bulk attachments from multiples. It can either extract a single attachment or multiple from a single email, calendar, etc. But to extract multiple attachments from multiple files, users need to perform the task in batches.

This method is going to extract only a single attachment from an email. If you want to extract multiple attachments, Go for the next method.

Follow the steps below to get your single attachment from the email.

Step-1. Double Click on the Email file consisting of the attachment.

Step-2. Select the Attachment you require & Right Click on it >> Select Save As option.

Step-3. The File Save Wizard will open. Select as File type  & Name your File also. 

Step-4. Click on the Save button to start extracting the files you need.

Extract All Attachments from Outlook Single File

Now we have the second manual method. Users can opt for this one in order to simply extract multiple attachments from Outlook.

The purpose of this method is to simply get all of the inline attachments that are present in the main body of the emails. Below are the steps mentioned to execute this method. However, this is to inform users that experts do not use these methods themselves & also do not suggest others. So make your decision wisely before your start the operation

Step-1. To extract multiple attachments from Outlook, Select the desired Email or file.

Step-2. Click on the File Menu & then simply Click on the Save As button available.

Step-3. Set the Destination Folder path & in the Save As Window, Select Save as HTML option.

Step-4. Click on the Save button & that’s it.

Note – This method can easily extract multiple attachments from a single file but not from various files.

Pros & Cons of All The Methods

All the methods have their own specialties & some loopholes. Let’s find out why the automated method is far better than the manual method. 

Manual Method

  • Free solution for all the users having Outlook email client.


  • Does not extract attachments from multiple files at once.
  • Lacks advanced features for better efficiency & accuracy.
  • Having a complex procedure to understand by the new users.

Automated Method

  • Extract all attachments from Outlook PST file in bulk
  • Provide plenty of features for customized extraction of files.
  • Faster & Safer than the manual method & protects the data integrity.
  • Get the status report of the operation after its successful completion.


  • It is not an open-source solution.

The Final Verdict

To extract multiple attachments from Outlook, users must select the method & tool after a detailed search & planning. Several IT experts compared all the methods simultaneously & found the automated solution much better than the others.

In terms of safety, efficiency, facilities & support, the automated method is the king of this task. The manual Method is only being used by users because of its open-source characteristic. Evidently, they don’t focus on the risks that might spoil their experience too.

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