Electric bike purchase guide- How you plan to save money on its purchase


Electric vehicles or EV happens to be the need of the hour. At this time the need for mobile fuel ability is on the higher side. EV is such one option where the vehicles are known to produce zero emission. Two wheelers turn out to be one of the popular options, and electric vehicles have gone on to make the push for EV much stronger than before. If you are planning to opt for e bike online shopping there are some pointers for you to consider. Below is mentioned a series of measures that is related to the purchase of electric two wheelers.

When it comes to the purchase of a conventional two wheeler it is an easy task. Under different price brackets there are numerous options available. But when the question of purchasing an electrical two wheeler is concerned there are limited options. Even the complex mechanism of choosing a two wheeler makes it difficult to figure out which one to choose and which to ignore. If you have a proper understanding about electrical two wheeler the task of purchasing one becomes an easy task.

How you plan to save money when you are purchasing an electrical two wheeler?

As compared to the conventional counter parts two wheelers turn out to be expensive. It happens to be a complex machine which is equipped with a heavy battery pack along with an electrical power drain. You will be able to save money when you are purchasing an electrical bike if you pay attention to the below mentioned points

Tax or incentive benefits

The Indian government is making all attempts to push the use of electrical vehicles as the state governments are providing incentives on the purchase of EVs. Apart from that you are entitled to tax benefits in the form of GST when you are purchasing electrical vehicles. So check out the available incentives along with tax benefits before you end up purchasing one.

Insurance along with registration cost

The low speed electrical scooters need not be registered, as there is requirement for any insurance. Even there is no need for a driving license to be running these electrical scooters. So if you are purchasing this vehicle you will be saving on insurance and registration costs. In normal cases, the low speed electrical motors tend to be well equipped with low cost electrical motors and they are going to have a range of 50 km to 60 km. For short distances they turn out to be the best option.

Pointers to keep in mind when you are purchasing an EV bike

When you are choosing a EV you need to choose the right scooter or bike that needs to satisfy your requirements. There are numerous factors that have an impact on your decision making abilities when you purchase an electrical bike.

  • Cost- When you are buying an EV cost is an important point to consider. You need to be clear about your budget and look for a vehicle in that given bracket. If possible check out the electric bike online price to have an idea. Since the cost has an important role to play even a low priced electrical scooter will cost you around Rs 50,000, So you have to keep in mind before you purchase an electric two wheeler.
  • Speed- When you are choosing an electric e bike, speed turns out to be a crucial component. It could be irritating to drive as it may not provide the necessary speed. So it is better that you check out the top speed of your electric vehicle. The low end vehicles will be touching a speed of 50 km to 60 km but most of them are capable of touching the higher bracket of 70 km per hour.
  • Riding range- People tend to purchase an electric bike due to its riding range. Based on research inputs you can check out the driving range available for all the electrical bikes in the market. The low end electrical bike will be having a range of 50 km whereas the high end one will have a speed of 70 km. Eventually it all boils down to the category of bikes that you are choosing.
  • Battery life- the battery happens to be one of the important components of an electrical two wheeler. So it is better to check the battery life before you decide the purchase of an electrical bike. Even the life of a battery is dependent upon its usage or even the type of battery that you are using. The newer versions of lithium batteries are known to provide better life when you compare it to the lead or the nickel batteries.
  • Charging station- When you are purchasing an EV bike the manufacturer is going to install a charging station at your base location. But the use of a home charging station may not suffice as the use of public charging stations are also crucial. Make it a point that an electrical brand has a wide range of public charging points so that the electrical vehicle can be charged down the road.
  • Maintainenace- coming to the maintainenace aspect of an electrical bike it is less expensive than a conventional bike. There are less moving parts and will not require a lot of maintainenace. Since the internal combustion engine is absent it makes the task of maintainenace an easy one. So if you are planning to purchase an electrical bike there is no need to worry about the maintainenace aspect, since the intervals of service are spread out as compared to the conventional scooters or bikes

Currently there are not a lot of options when it comes to the purchase of electrical bikes in the market. Do take this point of consideration when you are planning to purchase an electrical bike. It is not like a conventional bike and the choice of an electrical bike turns out to be a difficult task.

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