Eccentric Jobs in the Auto Industry You’ve Never Heard of Before!


Most people assume that in order to work in the auto industry, you must either be an engineer, salesperson, or designer. However, the car industry is a vast corporate sector where there are regular job roles like accountancy, journalism, or marketing. However, some job roles stand out due to their eccentricity.

Here is our list of the weirdest job roles you might have never heard of:  

Car Sommeliers

A sommelier is a wine connoisseur, who is adept at distinguishing wines.  One of the core ways to experience the quality and taste of fermented beverages, one must smell them. Thus, a sommelier is responsible for gauging the taste of wine.

Similarly, a car sommelier is someone responsible for perfecting the ‘new car smell’. This may seem like an odd profession but a car sommelier is a pretty serious job. They are responsible for testing every material used for furnishing the interior. Moreover, they test and do trials until the car is free from any unpleasant and weird smells.

A sommelier is not just a random person which a strong sense of smell. A trained chemist is hired for this role who makes sure that the new car smell is perfected.

They evaluate the odor of different materials used in cars as they burn at 60 degrees Celsius. Being a car sommelier is no easy feat and one is forbidden from wearing perfume or smoking so his mind remains clear. According to a Spanish automaker SEAT, their in-house car smellers do over 400 tests in the factory every year.

A car sommelier is not responsible for the ‘new car smell’ but he tests scenarios such as when the interior is too hot from the vehicle sitting out in the scorching sun all day, or too cold on the frigid winter mornings.

The new car smell is a real phenomenon that compels many interested buyers to opt for a brand new car rather than Used Cars For Sale.

The First Driver

Once a car is fully constructed, it needs to be tested from every perspective in order to check whether it is fully functioning. The car company cannot hand the brand new car to the owner once they’ve ensured that every bit is working fine and up to the optimal standards i.e. whether all car parts have aligned correctly.

The first driver is responsible for keeping a keen eye and his attention to detail is what’ll make the car stand out. Otherwise, customer service mishaps can happen. Thus, a special driver tests the new car on a wide array of pavements i.e. cobblestones and uneven surfaces to decipher weird or unpleasant noises. Moreover, they also test the horn, brakes, headlights, wipers, and other integral car parts.

The group of first drivers put millions of miles on cars immediately leaving the line.  Furthermore, they check the cars at various speeds, test acceleration, braking, etc.

When someone buys a used Car For Sale In Pakistan, one is never sure regarding the car’s condition even if you guy for a test driver. These specialized drivers act as a human form of quality control when a new car is about to be sold.

The Seat Tester

Developing a whole position just to test the comfort and design of cars may seem absurd to many. However, companies employ specialized individuals for the very purpose of testing cars. A seat tester checks the diverse materials used in cars, seat shapes for best support padding designs and configurations, etc.

They not only check the quality and comfort of the seats but ensure that the seat is secure and safe in case of accidents. This role comes under the quality assurance department as companies want to make sure that the end product is the best version of what they’ve designed.

The Car Tailor

A car’s interior comprises fabric and leather. A car tailor furnishes the seat and the vehicle’s interior to amplify the space while elevating its aesthetic. A good car tailor can make the interior feel luxe and opulent.

A car tailor tests out various color and fabric combinations to create masterpieces that’ll leave the buyers amazed. A car’s interior is integral to giving it a luxurious and elegant feel and the car tailors ensure that the best product is delivered.

Car tailors may work independently and refurbish the interior of Used Cars For Sale to make extra money on the side.

The upholstery tailor needs to know about on-trend and in-vogue muses when it comes to style as most car seats are designed and produced two years before the new car model is launched in the industry. Thus, they need to be trendsetters in the auto-style domain.

Car Clay Sculptor

The clay sculptor is responsible for making life-sized clay models of the cars which the company is producing. This step occurs before a new car model is about to enter the production phase. In order to ensure, that they attain the perfect look of the vehicle.

Most car design is done on specialized computer software these days; the car designers need a real-life template before they officially start production of a new car model.

For this whole process some things are mandatory; 2,500 kg of clay, massive CNC machines for sculpting a dexterous sculptor. A sculptor almost spends around 10,000 hours making the clay template.

This whole process is tiring as it can take a long time thus someone who is incredibly patient is selected for the job.

This step essentially ‘locks the design’. This is the last chance car designers have to fix any flaws before the final design goes into production.

Thus if a company like Toyota or Corolla develops a new model that will be ultimately a Car For Sale In Pakistan, a sculptor converts the paper scribblings of the designers into practice. This sometimes even leads the design team to realize that some design elements just look good on paper and not in real life.


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