Easy Tips for Extracting Gmail Email Data via Google Takeout to Outlook


If users are looking for an easy tip for extracting the Gmail files via Google Takeout to Outlook, then they have landed on the correct platform.

Google Takeout is a free service that is being supported by Google. The Google takeout allows users to fully download the Gmail account details from the Google online service. Moreover, Google Takeout allows users to export the Google data in .zip and .tgz file formats. ZIP files store the selected data. This includes Gmail emails, calendars, contacts, YouTube, chats, photos, and more. Normally, Takeout doesn’t fail, but if it does, it’s time to troubleshoot Takeout. It also allows users to archive their Google accounts. Let us quickly understand why a user needs to import their Google Takeout emails in the Outlook PST format.

Why do I need to export Google Takeout emails in PST format?

Users do need to export their Google Takeout emails as;

  1. Download the Gmail service archive to view all mailbox data, such as emails stored in MBOX files, contacts stored in VCF files, and calendars stored in .ics files.
  2. Users can quickly import VCF and ICS files to the Outlook platform, users can not quickly import the Google mailbox files as the MBOX file extension is not supported by Outlook.
  3. Outlook is suitable for PST files, which contain all the data of MS Outlook such as email, contacts, calendar, etc.

Thus, a user needs to export their Google Takeout emails. Now, let us go through our next section that what is the procedure to import the Google Takeout to the Outlook PST format.

Easy way to import Google Takeout to Outlook

Users who want to extract the Gmail email data into Outlook format need to follow two steps. First, Google Takeout creates an MBOX file and then exports the file to Outlook PST format. Moreover, the below-given procedure is the manual method to import the Google Takeout. A user can also try the professional method of importing.

Export Google Takeout data to ZIP file in MBOX format.

1- First, log in to your Google account on the takeout page (https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout).


2- Then, under Select data to include, select Deselect All.


3- Then select the Email option and click Next.

google-takeout34- Click the Disable option.


5- Click the MBOX file format to export the data in the MBOX file format.
6- In the delivery options, choose to email the download link.


7- From the [Files of type] option, select [Select zip to export the data] 8- Click the Zip option to compress Google Takeout to Outlook

9- Select Archive Size, if desired, and press Create Archive. Click Archiving Option
10- Then wait for the process to complete. You will receive an email after the process is completed

google-takeout711- The message “Download Archive” is displayed and the data is saved in the download folder.


These are the steps for a user who needs to extract the Gmail emails manually.

Extract the Gmail files professionally

A user can also extract their Gmail emails easily to the PST format while using this advanced tool. The tool works easily for any user and provides users a reliable and instant result every time. The tool works efficiently and effortlessly for any user without any kind of error or data loss. The files are managed properly and every user is able to extract the files conveniently. Also, the steps can be followed by any user without any hurdle. Let us have a look at the steps of extracting;

  1. Download the app and then add the files that you want to extract
  2. Select the files that you want to extract
  3. Choose the path by clicking on the browse the button
  4. Select the format of the files
  5. Finally, click on the “Backup Now” button


These are the steps that a user has to follow the extract the Gmail files professionally. Any kind of data loss is not faced by the users while carrying out the extracting procedure. Users must use this tool as;

1. Save files individually in file or folder mode
2. Choose whether to export selected folders or all folders
3. Orphaned files without hassle Browse and Convert
4. Attachments can also be extracted

Features of the tool

This amazing tool provides major features for the backup of the G Suite files. These features are responsible for a smart backup of the G Suite files:

  • Bulk file backup: – With a single click, users are able to backup all the G Suite. Any amount of G Suite can be easily backed up by this amazing tool. Users can do this backup in bulk using a folder mode. Moreover, a single G Suite file can be easily backed up by using the file mode.
  • User-friendly interface: – With user-friendly interface users are able to back up the G Suite files smoothly and reliably. With its user-friendly interface, any novice users can reliably backup their G Suite files. Without any technical assistance, users can easily backup their G Suite files. A convenient backup is done by the tool.
  • Compatible application: – The application is a fully compatible app that can be used in any Windows or Mac Operating System. The G Suite Backup software can be used from old to new versions of the Windows or Mac OS. Users do not need to install MS Outlook to back up the G Suite files into the PST format. The application is a highly compatible app.
  • Self-dependent: – The G Suite Backup software is an independent application that does not depend on any other app to carry out the backup of the G Suite files. This standalone application can back up the files directly into any format of their wish.
  • No size restriction: – While backing up the G Suite files users does not face any kind of restrictions. From MB to GB G Suite files can be easily backed up by using this amazing G Suite Backup tool. A convenient backup is done by using this amazing feature. Users are free to back up any size file.
  • Zero error: – No error is faced by the tool in the entire backup process. An accurate backup task is performed every time. Moreover, the originality and data of the files are retained by the tool. Any kind of alteration is not promoted by the tool. As the desired result is provided to the users and no alteration is done by the app. A flawless result is provided to the users.
  • Preview & scan: – Users can preview the files that they want to backup. With previewing of the G Suite files scanning of the files is also done and so providing a healthy backup result. No data is lost by the app. There is no kind of data loss or data corruption by the tool.

Summing up

The process of converting Google Takeout to Outlook is a step process that can be followed by the users.
For Gmail users, the whole method is nothing more important than keeping the data files here. The software is useful here because Google Takeout does not provide a way to export data files to Outlook data files. Recommended by most experts and does not generate any errors.


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