During Summer Outages How to Keep your Diesel Generator Running


Are you concerned about the smooth and long-time performance of your diesel generators?

Well, maintenance is the key to keep your diesel generators running during power outages.

It goes without saying that diesel generators play a vital role in providing a backup source of power at your homes and workplaces. While being a cost-effective and reliable source of backup power, its maintenance is very important.

In this article, we will discuss the tips for the maintenance of your generator.

Preventive Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Generators Runnings

Though a power failure is a nuisance for some, it can be devastating for many businesses. Without power backup, it would bring your business to a screeching halt. Therefore, caring for your generator is as important as installing it. And if you, do it right, maintenance doesn’t have to take up much of your time and money.

When you choose rental generators over buying, you will see they often come with a maintenance plan from generator dealers. Follow it. A generator maintenance plan involves performing a small set of practices every week.

1.   Running Your Generator Every Week

You wouldn’t buy a car only to leave it in your garage for months without using it. It is the same with diesel generators. A few minutes a week is all it takes to keep your machine fresh and ready to use. We recommend running your generators at load – with full capacity. Instead of running it idle for about 15 to 20 minutes once a week. This allows the lubricating oil to heat to operating temperature and regulates its circulation within the engine. Both of these are vital to maintaining the strength of your generator.

2. Checking the Oil Levels

You should check the engine oil level and the engine coolant level a least once a month. Both of these fluids are essential for the smooth running of your power generators. In fact, one of the major reasons a generator stops functioning is low coolant or low oil. Low coolant results in a malfunctioning and overheated engine. So, if your generator is malfunctioning check the oil and coolant levels first.

Checking the oil and coolant level is easy. To check the oil level, locate the dipstick with a yellow ring. Pull it out, wipe it off with a rag, and then replace it. When you take it out again, you will be able to judge how much oil is in the generator depending on how high the oil reaches on the dipstick. While checking the engine coolant level is easy. Simply, check the coolant level in the tank. If it is running low, refill it.

3.  Generator Maintenance by A Technician

We know that you take pride in taking care of your diesel generators on your own. Nonetheless, there are a few tasks you will need a professional to complete.

Every 6 to 12 months, you should hire a professional to perform a detailed inspection of your diesel generators. Most dealers offer maintenance packages for the diesel generators they sell. But if you go through a third-party service provider, make sure the technician is qualified to perform generator maintenance.

Whereas, if you are using rental generators, their maintenance is not your responsibility except for a few regular checks. They are regularly maintained throughout the rental period by your rental provider. Therefore, rental generators are sometimes a better option to save the costs of having in-house technicians and the stress of repairs.

4. Battery Inspection

When the generators are left dormant for too long, batteries can fail. Additionally, cables, chargers, and connections may also begin to deteriorate. It prevents the electric current from passing to the battery. So, to prevent these kinds of failures, you should regularly check for any leaks, build-ups of contaminants, and general damage.

5.  Disposal of Bad Fuels

As diesel fuel ages, it is exposed to water, dirt, oxygen, and other contaminants. This exposure causes the deposition at the bottom of the tank. This sludge can gum up your fuel system. Thus, the diesel starts degrading rapidly within 6 months. And by the duration of one year, its usability is considerably diminished.

Get Started!

If you are not sure of when the last full service was performed on your generator. And if you are looking for reliable generator maintenance services, connect with Synergy today! It is our pleasure to keep your system operational and offer you more information about our maintenance services.



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