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Saving time is crucial when you are running a business and it gets even more crucial the bigger your operation gets. This is where a commercial housekeeping operation by a professional organisation is needed. Now, you can obviously manage and take the risk of doing the housekeeping operations of maintaining cleanliness in-house and that won’t seem like a bad idea but if you are someone who is in the food industry or any critical equipment manufacturing industry. However, you cannot afford the losses that will be incurred when you have to deal with an amateur set of housekeeping workers as you train them because it will take you at least 6 months for them to be reaching the level of commercial cleaners and professional housekeeping organization even if it is for floor cleaning.

This is where only professionals can come in handy and one of the best places to get a commercial housekeeping organization is by reaching out to one of the reputed facility management companies as they have expertise in exactly these kinds of services such as housekeeping as well as facility upkeep and maintenance, management services.

Let us help you in finding the right commercial housekeeping organisation from a reliable facility management company. Hiring commercial cleaners and utilising their proven cleaning methods can help boost your business by looking at these tips to choose the right commercial cleaning service.


The housekeeping operation does not seem like a lot and it probably isn’t but let us explain to you the difference. Let’s say you want to install any appliance for home cleaning, you can obviously do the job because it does not take much skill and you can probably get away with it but imagine if you have to do this on an industrial scale or for office cleaning where a single mishap can lead to damage worth millions, in this scenario you would not want to make a mistake. This is precisely why a professional housekeeping organization is required because this is simply what they are experts at, from maintaining the cleanliness and updating their safety protocols and safety compliances to using professional equipment that includes industrial grade high suction vacuums, industrial dusters, sponges, mobs as well as safety-body regulated cleaners that are not abrasive and does not harm any surface during surfaces cleaning. This is followed by their professionalism and that includes their way of dealing with any kind of situation in any industry from the knowhow of waste disposal in the chemicals industry, to the hospitality industry where no stone can be left unturned and no speck of dust can be left because that will directly impact the reputation of the brand, to the food industry where there isn’t any space for compromise as this industry is directly dealing with food. Like we said you can obviously train your own in-house housekeeping service but training them will take months and within these months, any mishap and defect in any batch can result in huge losses.


Who doesn’t want to work in a clean space? Work is spiritual to your employees and it is what they do best, therefore it becomes your responsibility to maintain a hygienic and proper workplace and this has multiple benefits. One of the best benefits this offers is this shows that you care for your employees and this will bring in a certain degree of loyalty that no other bonuses or incentives can. This will directly affect the health of your workers and speaking in pure capital terms, the more hygienic your workplace is the more your workers stay well and the less they take any sick leaves. This healthy atmosphere creates a good reputation in the market and makes your business a good prospect for new employees to seek and this ultimately raises the market value of your company as being a place which is always sought after by employees. If you have a company that is listed in the stock market then this will directly affect your stocks and overall your reputation will rise faster than you can imagine.


Good customer feedback is the driving force of any business and this is also the same for your business. If your business is a product-oriented business or a service-oriented business where there is a regular footfall of customers then the importance of a professional housekeeping operation increases tenfold as now your business is open to scrutiny from the most important people of your business and that is the customer. It becomes even more important that you maintain a proper and clean business environment which only a professional housekeeping service can achieve. And you can view this change impacting your business directly as the better experience the customer has the better they will recommend your business and this will directly show results in the balance sheet of your company.


In this post-covid market when budgets are tight you simply cannot or you simply should not invest in home-growing another department which will not only make you allocate this budget from other important areas such as marketing or employee compensation but will also lead you to invest heavily on industrial housekeeping equipment which too will depreciate at some point thereby only resulting in losses. Why not simply give away this headache to the professionals who are professionals for a reason and who know how to do their job and have been doing this job for decades, yes if you transferred your housekeeping activities and duties to a professional housekeeping organization then you will simply have to pay for the amount of work that they’re doing and there will be no spending in equipment and upkeep of a department where there will have to be permanent employees on the payroll. So, in the short and long term, professionals are cost-effective.


One of the most important reasons for you to hire a professional housekeeping organization is the fact that they know how to do housekeeping properly and this includes everything from removing moulds that can form in humid parts of your premises which can ultimately aggravate to serious health risks, to the accumulation of cobwebs and lint and other dust particles in the ventilation system and other places which may pose a risk of fire in the future. There is also this issue of proper cleaning of water damps and other water-related damage which may ultimately pose a risk to the structural integrity of your industrial complex. And if you are an IT company you have equipment worth crores in your building where dust can pose a serious threat of overheating issues and other issues which can be minimised by the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service. Nothing can go wrong by hiring professionals for cleaning.

Thus, these are reasons why you must hire a professional housekeeping organization to maintain your premises and outsourcing and hiring these services also means that you do not have to risk the health and safety of your regular workers and you do not have to divert their time in cleaning and allow them to do what they’ve been hired for. If you are in the market for a professional housekeeping organization then there is no better option than us at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd, India’s fastest growing facility management company. We have decades of experience operating our housekeeping services which we operate in multiple varied industries from healthcare to hospitality and food industry as well as in the chemical industry and every other kind of industry such as corporate housekeeping services in India. Trust us to keep your industries clean.

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