Discuss These Points Before Marriage in Muslim Matrimony

Muslim Matrimony

Marriage can be both a curse and a lifetime blessing, depending on the way you handle it. Many alliances in Muslim matrimony are often tested or broken because of the differences in opinion and stereotyped thought processes. 

Though love is the most crucial ingredient in making it a successful alliance, there is much more to add! An even portion of trust, compassion, understanding, and transparency is equally imperative to make it work right. 

However, it is absolutely normal for two people to think differently as both of you belong to different backgrounds. But it is also necessary to find a similar ground and understand each other’s perspectives to make it a successful union. So, below given are some of the crucial points couples must discuss with each other to avoid any bigger conflicts after marriage. Conversation on these topics will also help you gain a wider understanding of your partner and prepares you for the marriage field. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Marriage is in itself a huge responsibility. However, most parts of this responsibility are often fulfilled by women. Men on the other hand were expected to provide for their families financially. Though this age-old practice is fine if you two are okay with it if not, you must discuss your roles and responsibilities before-handed. In fact, it is better and your marriage will be more likely to work if both the partners are equally committed to financial and household responsibilities. Even the best matchmaking application can fail you if you do not have this prior discussion before marriage.

Family Planning

Repeated interrogation about child or family planning can get quite irksome in Muslim matrimony, especially when you are not prepared for it. So, it is better to discuss each other’s opinions about starting a family from the beginning. A child is a huge responsibility and everything revolves around him/her once it’s born. Naturally, it will affect women’s career graph and will keep them engaged for a longer period of time. Also, one needs to be financially prepared to bear the expenses of children. So, it is smart to discuss and know each other’s opinions about family planning prior to the marriage. 

Financial Planning

Money can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes between two people. However, it brings fulfillment and happiness but also backfires when not used in a planned way. So, it is imperative for couples to keep complete transparency about all the monetary issues from their partners. You two can start with opening a savings account together and none of you can touch that amount without each other’s consent. Another one can be your joint account where both of you should contribute to all the big expenditures at home. 

Such planning and measures will enable you to have an equal share and hold on to every aspect and responsibility in life. It will also reduce the chances of ego clashes among two people and can set an example for the best matchmaking experience ever!

Holiday Commitments

Holiday plans at regular intervals are often under-rated but they can have a lasting and amazing effect on your relationships. If you want to save your marriage from monotony and failure, you must make frequent vacation plans. Visiting new places will not just rejuvenate your mind and body but also allow you to see things differently. It will add flavor to your marriage and bring a lot more understanding and intimacy between you two. It will be beneficial if you commit a few days of your lives, every 6months or 1year for just each other. 

This vacation time will even help you solve differences and understand each other better. Thus, vacations are the best way to relive your courtship period and bring back the lost romance in your married life. So, these are some of the crucial points that can beat even the best matchmaking strategies for couples. It will help you to keep your marriage fresh and beautiful even after years of your wedding day. However, you can add a few more points to it according to your relationships but following these points are sure to help you live a healthy and beautiful relationship. 

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