Different Kinds of Tobacco Product Packaging: Why Some People Fall Victim to Big Tobacco


The tobacco industry is a multinational, multibillion-dollar industry that employs millions of people and affects billions more. One of the most important aspects of the tobacco industry is its packaging – specifically, how you can pack tobacco products and how they will look like.

Different kinds of tobacco products are available all over the world. You will see a wide variety of cigarette boxes, custom vape cartridge boxes, pre-roll boxes, and many more. Tobacco companies use different methods for packing their products to entice potential consumers and make them buy from their brand instead of others. 

These different types of packaging are one way that Big Tobacco (a term used to refer to major international corporations in the business) gets new customers from an early age! So, let’s discuss different kinds of tobacco product packaging boxes that are widely popular among customers.

Tuck Top Packaging Boxes:

Cigarette companies use a style of packaging with a top that can be tucked back in. These boxes have the convenience of opening and closing with ease, which makes them easy enough for customers to access their product without breaking or bending anything.

You will see that there aren’t any warning messages on these types of cigarette packs! That’s because Big Tobacco doesn’t want it out in the general public where people can read about what tobacco does to your body when used as intended by law.

Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes:

You might also notice custom vape cartridge packages at one point or another while browsing online stores like Vapor Nation, an e-commerce store dedicated entirely to vaporizers. Custom vape cartridge box contains different designs and logos.

Each design is different and unique in its way, but they all have the same goal: to protect your e-liquids from any kind of damage or harm to your products. External factors such as weather conditions and other things play a vital role in causing damage to your products.

Custom E-Liquid Bottles:

Another thing you will notice when you are browsing online stores like Vapor Nation is that they have special bottles of e-liquid with ingredients like nicotine salts, CBD oil, and THC concentrate. Vaping pens are just like pill prescription containers. Doctors carry around different boxes for products. These are not needed, but they can still be useful.

Waterproof Electronic Cigarette Cases:

You can bring your vaping device with you when you are not home. You do not want it to get wet. You might keep it in a waterproof electronic cigarette case. These cases are great because they can be clipped onto key chains and other things. They’re small enough that they fit in pockets, too, if needed.

Cigarette Tubes:

Different kinds of tubes are used to pack up tobacco products so that people can take them home. Tobacco companies use different tubes for each product.

These packs are just for convenience. People have been rolling cigarettes since before when they were in factories. These products are well known by many people. You can roll up your product – typically tobacco or marijuana – in the tube and then you’re ready to go. The tubes can be clipped on key chains or in pockets too if needed.

Window Packaging Boxes:

Another kind of packaging is known as box packaging or window boxes. This type of packing comes in a wide variety and includes things like individual packs, larger bulk containers, etc. These types of packs typically have windows that allow people to see what’s inside the pack. Most of the time, they’re translucent, but depending on what’s inside the box that might be damaged by UV light, manufacturers will sometimes use tinted plastic instead.

Shopify has a wide range of custom-made branded flat pillows that people can personalize and print with their company logo, slogan, or other marketing material. You may get them without any printing on them (thus the product becomes its own promotion), customized designs that include logos and other marketing materials, pop-up variants in which pieces protrude from the main container when opened, and more to your liking.

Plastic Clamshells:

This type of packaging consists of plastic made from polystyrene (PS). It uses pressure between two molds – one negative and one positive mold-to produce its shape. When it’s first produced, this type of packaging looks like an object without any openings; then, later on, those familiar slots we see in plastic clamshells are cut into the mold.

Tuck End Boxes:

These boxes are a way to attract people. They’re shiny and easy to open. The end of the box has a flap that you can fold out that gives more space inside the box. That way, products do not need as many layers or pieces because there is more room in the box.

The straight tuck end box is a popular choice for many companies. It can hold different things of different sizes, shapes, weights, and heights. This saves the company money because they do not have to buy different boxes for each thing.

The straight tuck end boxes printing is very helpful to decorate these boxes. The printing can include business logos, slogans, and other branding materials, which allows companies to advertise their brand.

Conclusion Paragraph:

Big tobacco companies have been using the same packaging design for decades. They also use logos and colors that are designed to get your attention. We need to find ways to compete with big tobacco. We need new and creative packaging designs. You can get this at this store. Whether you want a new water-resistant e-cig case or some cool tuck top boxes, we’ve got what you need!

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