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Whenever it comes to motivational speaking, one name remains the constant Deepanshu Kher. He is one of the most prestigious personalities in this industry and he gained this reputation after serving so many years. If you are also willing to know more about Mr. Kher and his professional journey, then keep on reading this post.

Who is Deepanshu Kher?

Born on 28th May 1985, Mr. Kher belongs to the capital city of India – New Delhi. He has completed his graduation from Delhi University and then finished his master’s degree in a management course from a leading institution in the city. Since childhood, he is a scholar as he loved to participate in activities and competitions. This was the time when his career path was taking a shape.

How did everything start?

According to Deepanshu Kher motivational speaker, his success is something that he has not got overnight. He worked really hard for this. Mr. Kher was also a novice but he spent so many years becoming a perfect motivational speaker. However, he says that he is still learning to bring positive changes to others’ life.

Everyone wanted to know about the professional journey of Mr. Kher. The story was quite interesting. One fine day when he was on his way home from school, he saw a man who was selling crackers. The age of the man was nearly 80 years. With lots of curiosity, he stopped and asked the old man about his family and everything. While speaking, he got to know that there is no family of that man and he was earning for himself only. It was the incident that gave him the motivation to do something for others so that they can live a better and more positive life.

Why motivational speaking?

People may have different opinions about him but everyone often asks – why did Deepanshu Kher choose motivational speaking? As mentioned earlier that ‘old-man encounter’ left an impact on him. Since then he has had this feeling. As a result, he started talking to people who need help including the ones who have failed their exams and needed some motivation to do better next time. Gradually, he started delivering motivational speeches during school and college events or festivals.

As soon as he started talking, his audience cheered him up. By gaining experience from such points, he started taking on bigger platforms. And after completing college, he started his professional journey as a motivational speaker.

What does Deepanshu Kher do

He has spent a lot of time improving his public speaking skills in order to help others. He helps people from all corners of the globe to manage their emotions and feelings to make positive changes. He has already helped many people to focus on their lives and seize the opportunities that are available.

He used to travel the globe. He is the one who brings a new energy and light to the stage. Deepanshu Kher is a dynamic, cheered-up, energetic personality. He addresses his audience with passion, courage and confidence. He is always open to new ideas and concepts. He prepares speeches that are both engaging and relevant, but also close to the real world. He is blessed with the ability to bring visions through his powerful speeches.

What makes Mr. Kher a great motivational speaker?

Just like any other professional career or designation, motivational speaking also needs certain traits to be succeeded. And when it comes to Mr vKher motivational speaker, the following qualities make his a preferred name in this industry:

  • Passionate about motivational speaking
  • Knowledge of different areas
  • Experience in this industry
  • Impressive public speaking skills
  • Outstanding writing skills
  • Eloquence
  • Fantastic marketing skills
  • Empathy

What he has achieved in his career?

Today, Mr Kher is a prominent name when it comes to motivational speaking. Due to his experience and the qualities that he possesses, he has won so many awards and achievements including the ones listed below:

  • One of the Most Inspiring Speakers
  • Creative and Leading Motivational Speaker of the Year 2017
  • Star Youth Award Instituted
  • Best Motivational Speaker 2019

Closing Remarks

Mr. Deepanshu is the most prestigious name in this industry today. He has changed hundreds and thousands of lives so far. And he is still working hard to take this further. At present, companies prefer inviting him to boost the confidence of their employees to improve overall productivity and everything. There are a lot of people who admire form his skills patience and his caring nature he always talks to his fans whenever he travel people follow Mr kher, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube His charismatic personality and lively presence make everyone’s lives easier and more positive. His inspiring speeches can help you see the possibilities. START FOLLOWING someone like Deepanshu is the best way to do this. They are familiar with how much silence is necessary to maintain the audience’s attention. he is growing more and more people will have an opportunity to make the most out of his experience and skills. If you are also looking for some inspiration to boost up your life, then count on him at least once



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