Custom CBD Boxes – Best Way to Store and Secure Your CBD Products

Custom CBD Boxes
Custom CBD Boxes

You can store all types of CBD Products in CBD Packaging Boxes. However, different CBD products have different expiration dates. It is important to know the types and forms of CBD products. Then, you can select the best Custom CBD Boxes depending on the type and form of the CDB product. There are some essential guidelines for storing CBD products for a longer time period. If you hold or have the intention to start the business of CBD-related products then this piece of writing is an exact guide for you.

What are CBD Products?

CBD is a chemical found in cannabis plants. It can be found in two types of plants – Hemps & Marijuana. CBD is found in form of oil, a vaporized liquid, or in an oil-based capsule. It is illegal in some states until it contains THC. Many companies have used it in different forms like gummies, CBD oil, and CBD creams.

Here are main three types of CBD depending on the concentration:

  •   Isolates: It is the pure form of CBD which contain only CBD.
  •   Full-spectrum: It contains more than 0.3% concentration of THC
  •   Broad-spectrum: It contains a trace amount of THC

 Here are some common types coming into the market:

  • Beauty and Personal Care Products
  • Oils and Tinctures
  • Beverages
  • Supplements
  • Pet Cares
  • Snaks

Here are three main forms of CBD as explained below.

  • Oils
  • Gummies and Edibles
  • Topicals or Creams
  • Capsules

How Long Can You Store CBD Products in Custom Printed CBD Boxes?

CBD products have expiration dates exactly like other food or supplements. As mentioned above, there are different types and forms of CBD products. Therefore, there is no same time period of storage for all types of products. Here, we will explain the expiration dates of different CBD products according to the type and form. It’s also a matter of fact that despite an average lifetime period, the lifetime of these products also depends on how you store them.

The average shelf life of CBD products is 10 to 20 months. You can notice a big difference of 10 months. It varies mainly due to the poor storage quality. Many people don’t know how to keep CBD products safe and sound. Many are even unaware of the high-quality CBD Packaging Boxes. If you are the holder of CBD-related products then don’t repeat the same mistake. There are many companies from whom you can order high-quality boxes within a second.

CBD Packaging Boxes – a Secure Home for Your CBD products

High-quality Custom Printed CBD boxes can be a secure home for your CBD products in the following ways.

  • Safeguard

Safety of a product is the essential requirement of all products and CBD products are not an exemption. CBD Boxes can protect the products from heat and sunshine.

  • Preservation

Preservation is an active shield of protection that keeps your product safe and sound regardless of what environment they face. Thus, custom packaging boxes are designed in such a way that they keenly uphold the aroma, and structure of CBD products.

  • Store your CBD products in high-quality custom CBD boxes.
  • Keep these boxes at a cool temperature. Cool temperature helps them avoid degradation.
  • Avoid keeping CBD boxed in heat or direct sunlight. The dark place will be the best place for placing these products.
  • Always use a sealed container while transporting or shipping CBD-related products.

Emerging Opportunities for CBD Products Marketers

The usage of CBD products is increasing on daily basis. It has become an essential component of many medicines, foods, and oils. In 2018, CBD topped the average sale of $500 million and continued its sales growth in an exponential way. There is a prediction of $22 billion in near future. So, it is equally essential to plan the best strategy for storing and selling your CBD products in a professional way.

General Guideline for CBD Product Packaging

  • Date Codes
  • Usage and Application Guidelines
  • Ingredients Lists
  • Nutritional Information
  • Label Information and Product Name
  • Label Placement and Identity Statements

End Point

The timespan of each CBD product depends on the type and form of the CBD product. The best way to store and secure your CBD products is to order high-quality Custom Printed CBD Boxes. You can increase their shelf life by storing them in a cool environment. A wide range of usage of CBD-related products is increasing the demand for CBD-related products. Though it is legal in most states, still you must know the packaging guidelines to avoid any type of contradiction.

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