Craft Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Arts and Crafts Supplies

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Are you looking for something to keep yourself busy at home during summer vacations? Well, if yes, then this is the blog for you. Arts and crafts is the best hobby that keeps you going with your interests and creativity. You can create innovative art pieces from the simplest arts and crafts that you can only imagine. Get hands-on with the basic arts and crafts supplies, including the Ad-Tech glue gun, Beadalon beading station, Velcro fasteners, and other supplies to complete your art projects.

This article will share some art projects that you can make at home easily with some simple tricks. First, complement your kitchen with hand-embroidered napkins and tableware. Then, decorate your living area with arts and crafts pieces to complete the look. Keep reading to know more about arts and crafts projects that you can make easily at home.

7 Crafts Ideas to Make at Home

A home feels incomplete until or unless decorated well with some art pieces. So here are some creative ideas that you can easily make at home with some simple arts and crafts.

1: Ribbon Vases

Need to give a transformational look to your boring vases? Gather all the ribbon scraps available at home and get your hands on a rectangular or glass vase. Use high-quality glue to attach the ribbons all around the vase surface. Moreover, you can add extra pom-pom trims to give a beautiful look. Set some fresh flowers in the vase and enjoy.

2: Embroidered baskets

Another one of the easiest crafts to make at home with some simple crafts supplies is embroidered baskets. Gather all your baskets that you have spare at home and cover them with ribbon. In addition, you can use yarn to decorate the baskets as well. Finally, serve your guests with the decorated baskets and collect all the praise.

3: Straw Sunburst wreath

Want to create something attractive and unique from scratch? Get hands-on with the paper straw and create everyone’s favorite sunburst wreath. You will need very simple accessories for making this art piece. Find the bamboo paper straws, a floral craft ring, and glue. Bind the bamboo straw ring around the straw to make the design. It looks good hung on the colored walls. In addition, you can add a mirror to the space to give a classy look.

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4: Paper chain wall art

Paper is a great medium to use in arts and crafts projects. In addition, it is the cheapest arts supply that is readily available in different colors, textures, and patterns. Make the paper chain wall art that seems dreamy from a distance. Moreover, it is easy to make with colored paper and convert it into the best decor item. Use a long dowel or curtain rod to hang the chain of different colors. Use the color combination according to your wall colors.

5: Yarn garlands

Do you need to decorate your home for some event like a birthday party, new year, Thanksgiving, or Christmas? Nothing beats some simple yarn garlands that are easy to make and look fantastic. First, get hands-on with the yarn and threads of assorted colors and patterns. Then, explore the crafts supply stores to find yarn of high quality that goes well with the decor for craft ideas. 

6: Denim feather wall decor

Reuse your jeans, pants, shirts, and other stuff to create the beautiful denim feather wall decor. It is easy to make with some simple supplies such as the denim straps, some embellishments, and a string to hang them. Use the scissors to create designs and paint them to enhance their look. In addition, use the beads to secure the denim feathers. Finally, hang the wall decor piece at the entrance gate to add a touch of aesthetics. 

7: Paper birdhouses

The birdhouses look adorable on the trees in spring and summer. Take the cardboard and colored paper to create the old-school birdhouses that birds in your garden will love. Add a touch of creativity by making specific patterns on the birdhouses. Additionally, use fabrics to compliment your art piece.

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