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Clean & Safe Berjaya Hotel & Resorts

Berjaya Hotel & Resorts Clean and Safe Commitment

Our Clean and Safe Commitment was intended to upgrade wellbeing and limit risk for our visitors and partners. It guarantees the cleanliness and disinfection practices of every one of our lodgings and resorts meet or surpass administrative necessities and the suggestions of World Health Organization (WHO). This responsibility additionally incorporates new neatness conventions that meet or exceed our all around thorough principles. There are the best deals for you. Use the Coupon Code of Berjaya Hotels and get a 40% discount. Save on Hotels & resorts in the USA.

These conventions depend on the latest data that anyone could hope to find on sterilization and neatness for the neighborliness business, as well as other relevant enterprises. As we push ahead, we will keep checking rules from the public authority strategy and orders and other general wellbeing developments to update this methodology.

Berjaya Hotel & Resorts Clean and Safe Commitment covers around the world.

Berjaya Hotel & Resorts


Every public region and high touch surfaces are sanitize often with devote cleaning instruments to stay away from cross-defilement. After every use, cleaning instruments are splash into 1000mg/L chlorine-containing sanitizer for 30 minutes, and from that point, wash with water and dry stockpiling. Berjaya Hotel & Resorts restrooms are kept perfect and dry consistently as well.

The inside of our vehicles and entryway handles are clean with at least 75% liquor base arrangement after every use. Our van transport driver likewise wears a facial covering while on the job.

Our security staff and cleaners wear facial coverings, dispensable elastic gloves, and other defensive hardware to avoid each other while working.

We get ready to separate garbage cans with legitimate marking and promptly arrange all the trash. All the disposed facial coverings are place into the name garbage cans and, per the prerequisite of brought together reusing treatment. We likewise sanitize our garbage cans two times per day with a 75% liquor base or chlorine sanitizer arrangement.


In Entrance: Hand sanitizers are given at the entry region.

Representatives: Our partners wear facial coverings consistently while on the job. They practice the correct hand-over-heart motion to avoid actual contact to greet our visitors.

Individual Hygiene: Face covers, hand sanitizers, and dispensable hand gloves are accessible for our visitors’ accommodation.

Wellbeing and HYGIENE AT WORK

Berjaya Hotel & Resorts workers practice preventive estimates, for example, wearing facial coverings, handwashing, social removal, and respiratory cleanliness consistently. They are likewise expect to wear facial coverings and wash hands before getting back to work or going to a gathering.

Our representatives enter the lodging working through a different section and leave the access way. The entry has a full-body sterilization chamber.

An expert will direct essential preventive measures against COVID-19 and cleanliness preparation ensured preparing supplier too.


Dirty material is set in obvious mark, seal packs or holders after cautious eliminating any strong feces and placing it in a cover container to be arrange in like manner.

Towels, shower towels, bed sheets, and other textures are absorb chlorine-containing sanitization answer for 15 – 30 minutes before washing with clean water. Non-launderable things, for example, sleeping cushions and pads, are take care of as per the applicable wellbeing and pandemic avoidance necessities.



Berjaya Hotel & Resorts staff practice successive handwashing, and our visitors are urged to clean their hands while entering and leaving the café.

Feasting tables, espresso machines, dishes, flatware, and crystal are clean and disinfect before and after each help. All the silverware is wrap with napkin/tissue paper as well.

In the café, we practice a cross guest plan with a limit of 4 people for 10 square meters. Tables and seats are organize with a distance of something like 1 meter from the rear of one seat to the end of another heart.

To work with social removal, we use floor markers in the eatery and introduce plexiglass obstructions at tills and counters as an extra degree of security.

Kitchen and Food Hygiene

Surfaces and utensils are wash with warm cleanser water and permit to air dry or with single-use paper towels. Utensils are clean and in the middle to forestall cross-pollution during the arrangement of food to be cook and prepare to-eat food.

We practice constant handwashing and safe food dealing consistently. Just suitable food controllers are permit to be on the job.

Endorsed and legitimate sources provide our food sources.


All staff and visitors must clean their hands and wear facial coverings before entering the corridor.

Preceding occasion beginning, we sanitize the dining rooms, tables, and seats with cleaning synthetic substances. Tables and chairs are organize with a distance of something like 1 meter from the rear of one seat to the bottom of another heart.

We use floor markers at visitor enrollment counters or possibly packed regions to work with social separation.

Short breather counters are regularly clean and sanitize.


Our conveyance workforce or providers are expect to wear facial coverings, disinfect their hands and practice social separating while passing conveyances to the inns. The enlistment record of these conveyance staff will be save for at least 30 days.


We keep up with indoor air dissemination by opening windows for better ventilation and to weaken airborne impurities. Our ventilation, air trade, and dehumidification hardware of cover pools are often check.

Ventilation guidelines on account of a flare-up:

→ Clean the cooling vents and conduits one time each day.

→ Clean the cooling water framework one time each day.

→ Clean the fan loop and residue net one time per month.

→ Screen the cooling water quality boundaries routinely.

→ Give a dehumidification gadget to keep up with the ideal mugginess range.


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