Chirag Makkar, founder of Kudrat Couture


We are pleased to share the story of Chirag Makar, whose pilot venture label Kudrat Couture has made Men’s designer wear more affordable in India and around the world.

A bootlegged brand entrepreneur Chirag Makar is one of many Indian entrepreneurs who have changed careers to pursue a more fulfilling and personalistic career.

Chirag’s story is unique. He was a chartered accountant in a studious firm for six years. However, ‘being fashionable was very close to his heart. So he decided to change fields to become a full-time designer after learning the necessary skills.

Fashion has been an integral part Chirag’s life since childhood. He started with his Mum styling him. Later, he was able to shop, pick, and style himself. This led to a journey that he pursued and finally settled on ” something else“, as his family noted.

Although Chirag was formally educated to become CA practitioners, he became informally interested in fashion much earlier. Fashionable is an important part of his identity.

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Candidly recalling, he said “I love dressing up well. It makes a statement about yourself.

My unique and unusual outfits were well-received at social events. This encouraged me to continue developing individualistic styles with meaning.


As an avid reader, I was interested in what the latest fashion trends were. What were the Celebs wearing? And what’s next for our top designers?

Without the support of my family, particularly my cousin sisters who are fashion graduates, I would not have been able achieve it.

They were a huge part of my decision to make the switch from being a designer to a full-time one. I will eventually find my feet as a founder and owner of a bootlegged label.

After years of studying, I realized Fashion is an ocean. It was difficult to settle into one niche. With that in mind, my collection of men’s wear was born under the label Kudrat Couture.

Chirag’s work is influenced by Indian and Greek mythology. Kudrat’s Aarambh first collection can be seen to be an ode of Arjuna from The Mahabharata, which epitomizes his humility and strength.

This collection is inspired by many Indian mythology colors with deep meaning. Customers who love Indian ethnic wear will also appreciate it.

Chirag is sharp in our eyes. We also like his planned approach to building Kudrat Couture.


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