Casa Decor is Empowering Indian Artists while serving global customers


Casa Decor is empowering the artisans of the country while touching lives and touching hearts, one design product at a time. Casa Decor is a reputed Indian home decor company with a large client base across the globe.

Alongside their goal to find and cultivate talent, the company has also created numerous opportunities for employment for Indian artisans in order to support their livelihoods by enhancing their living conditions.

In the present, Casa Decor has a staff of over 55,000 skilled craftsmen at the various locations of the company in Jaipur as well as Jodhpur within Rajasthan in Rajasthan and Moradabad within UP.

Inspired by their principle that is rooted in their core values, the brand pays deep tribute to artisans from all over the globe with a fresh pledge to help them live their lives as modern as they can be.

Casa Decor, which caters to the demands of its customers across the globe, is determined to share the beautiful aesthetic of Indian handicrafts across the world. Based on the conviction that this objective is only achievable through the support of Indian artisans, the company has created a strict policy to ensure their wellbeing. Male and female artisans are paid in equal amounts depending on their level of skill and the work they do. Similar pay models provide security in the financial market and allows their creative thinking to be used to its fullest.

Mr. Niraj Johri, Founder of Casa Decor states, “Indeed Casa Decor, Casa Decor, the Indian label, Casa Decor, has confidence in the skills that are the work of Indian artists and has a a profound admiration for Indian craftsmen. Casa Decor wants to provide the artisans with a safe environment and a system that will improve their image internationally.

We are attentive to all their needs and demands so that they can concentrate on their art and make the highest quality product. We conduct periodic reviews of our policies to ensure the development and wellbeing of artisans. This is why our company gets association requests from artisans from across India on a regular basis. 

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Casa Decor leaves no stone unturned in providing craftsmen with the most productive working environment that inspires them to do their very best.

The internationally recognized brand puts particular emphasis on the health of artisans, and encourages their overall well-being.

With this concept in mind Casa Decor has developed a friendly environment and an environment of respect and trust.

The principle is universal and has a positive impact on everything from mental wellbeing to the performance of craftsmen.

The senior executives of the company are regularly in contact with them to discuss their concerns and the efficient system of rewards and appreciation keeps them engaged. Thanks to these flexible methods, Casa Decor maintains a high retention rate.

“The company offers a thriving atmosphere which is ideal for Indian artisans. The company offers us creative freedom and lets us to express our creative side to create beautiful items for the international market.

We appreciate the support we receive from Casa Decor executives. Moradabad-based artist Abdul Rahman, who is connected to Casa Decor, shares.

In addition, the business gives special attention to the growth of artisans. Casa Decor not only improves wages on a regular basis but also assists those who are looking to create an own business and open a store.

The company assists its employees in every method, from developing strategies to compete in a competitive market.

A lot of artisans who were part of Casa Decor now run their own businesses with a successful track record. Casa Decor’s focus on artisanship makes it a preferred option for clients around the globe.

Casa Decor is a brand that has its heart at the right spot. It is a brand that truly values indigenous art through embracing the traditions of specific regions, while enabling artisans bring their unique culture to the products they create.

With a profound admiration for Indian craft and art The brand aims to create opportunities for artisans from across the country, as well as promoting the beautiful nature and beauty of Indian handicrafts.

A fervent advocate of “Make in India”, Casa Decor is solidly rooted in Indian soil, and continues to help local talent while also serving international customers.


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