Can Ayurvedic medicine offer the best kidney damage cure?

Photo of CT angiogram shown the aorta , kidney and common iliac artery with 3D reconstruction on dark background. Focus on the kidney

Kidney problems or diseases have become a global matter of concern as the number of patients affected with kidney disease is increasing at an exponential rate worldwide with every passing day. According to Ayurveda, any blockage in Srotas, minute channels in the body may lead to kidney disease as Mutravaha Srotas ensure the flow of urine into and out of the kidneys so any obstruction or blockage in these srotas can cause deficient kidneys functioning. As a result, toxic fluid starts accumulating in the blood as well as the body. The production of red blood cells and the level of electrolyte also get disturbed in case of poor kidney functioning. Kidneys are such adjustable organs that they do not portray any symptoms or complications until they become severely damaged.  Ayurvedic medicine for kidney damage can help in curing kidney problems by reversing the injury that occurred in your kidneys.

A variety of factors can be responsible for damaging your kidneys and hampering their functionality. Some of those include:

• A high amount of salt intake
• Consuming pain killers, or antibiotics more often
• Including too much protein-rich eatables in diet
• Not releasing urine even urge is there
• Any long term disease such as jaundice, TB or related to heart, or liver
• Excess Intake of Colas
• Deficiency of vitamins and minerals
• Negligence in managing some health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure
• Stone or cysts in kidneys

Most of the problems mentioned above occur due to poor lifestyles so following a healthy lifestyle can prevent the risk of most of these problems. While prolonged existence of any of these problems may affect your kidney health that leads to improper functioning. In this situation, Ayurvedic medicine for kidney damage can work wonders.

What signs may you notice in kidney problems?

In kidney diseases, the tissues of the organ get damaged severely; they lose their functionality. Consequently, many symptoms can be apparent in this condition. When you are dealing with any kidney problem, you may experience any of the below-listed symptoms-

• Weakness
• Poor appetite
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Frequent Urination
• Low Urination
• High blood pressure
• Persistence tiredness
• Difficulty in breathing even while walking
• Change in mouth taste
• Abnormally high foam in the urine

Risk factors for kidney disease

In general, anyone can get kidney disease, but an individual is at a higher risk if he-

• has Diabetes
• has High blood pressure
• has a family history of kidney disease
• is over 60 years old
• has recurring Urinary tract infection
• has a habit of smoking or drinking
• has kidney stones

How to know if you have any kidney problems?

Initially, no symptoms are apparent in kidney problems. The reason is that kidneys can work well even if they are suffering from minor damage. But as kidneys become severely damaged, they become too weak to carry out their functions. It is the condition when a patient requires the best cure immediately as his organs are near to failure. When you reach an expert physician in this health problem, primarily, he recommends you to undergo some laboratory tests to address your actual kidney condition. The laboratory tests he may suggest are Urinalysis, Blood sampling tests, a kidney biopsy, and few screening tests.

Considering your health symptoms, he may suggest one, few, or sometimes all of these tests. And when your test reports are out, your physician or nephrologist carefully analyzes the parameters mentioned in kidneys. After that, an in-depth analysis confirms whether there is any problem with your kidneys or not. If you are diagnosed with any kidney problem, he may prescribe you the best cure as per his knowledge. An Ayurvedic nephrologist prescribes the best Ayurvedic medicine for kidney damage in kidney problems.

What treatment can help you in defeating kidney problems naturally?

When we talk about Allopathy, the visuals of a modern and sophisticated treatment method, including a variety of medicines and surgeries, come into our mind. But, efficacy or effectiveness is the thing that matters more than anything in the treatment of a health problem. Though Allopathy is considered as a modern treatment method, it can’t cure health problems or diseases permanently. The reason is, this advanced treatment system has a working principle in which it tries to cure a disease by removing its complications from your body but doesn’t touch the actual causes. So, this treatment can only provide temporary relief to the patient but can’t offer a permanent cure. If this treatment is used in the long run, it can cause many severe consequences on the body.

In kidney problems, Allopathy prescribes dialysis with few supportive medicines in kidney damage conditions. In kidney failure condition, this treatment conducts kidney transplant as it’s the only final cure. Dialysis keeps a patient going on even with the non-working condition but with few limitations and for a limited time. But frequent use of dialysis can turn to be fatal as it imposes a negative effect on the organs. On the other hand, kidney transplant’s success rate is shallow, and a patient can’t arrange a healthy kidney after the failure of the first transplantation. As a result, Allopathy is incapable of offering a permanent cure for kidney diseases.

While, if you choose Ayurvedic medicine for kidney problems, you can get permanent relief from all your complications with kidney problems. Ayurvedic medicines are the composition of some natural and unrefined herbs that not only help in removing complexities from your body but also in rejuvenating the health of your kidneys. This healing system works on balancing the Mutravaha Srotas responsible for kidney problems with some Ayurvedic medicines, few conventional therapies, and lifestyle modifications, etc.

In short, Ayurvedic treatment utilizes only natural herbs and some natural ways to defeat kidney problems. As a result, this holistic treatment provides a permanent cure to kidney problems without even taking the help of those complicated treatment procedures such as dialysis and kidney transplant. Thus, Ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure cures your kidney problem permanently by eliminating complications and making your kidneys well-working again. No side-effects or any risks are associated with this treatment procedure.


Choosing the best Ayurvedic medicine for kidney damage can turn to be a lifesaver for patients who have any severe kidney diseases.


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