Buying A Washing Machine? Here’s What You Need To Look For

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What To Look For While Buying Washing Machine

Any household in today’s world cannot imagine their daily life without washing machines. They have become integral and essential to every family. Along with easing your workload, they are time-saving and efficient as well.

You may be spoilt with options when deciding which washing machine to purchase because these appliances are now a crucial part of our modern lifestyle. Here are a few factors that you should consider when you are buying a washing machine.

Factors to Check Before Buying a Washing Machine:

● The type of washing machine you want: Broadly, there are two types of washing machines- semi-automatic and fully-automatic. The most fundamental distinction between these two varieties is that semi-automatic washers have two tubs; one is for washing, and the other is for drying. You must transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer after washing them. Thus, it necessitates manual intervention with this type of washing machine.

Fully automatic requires no manual labor at all, as the name implies. You can put your dirty laundry in the washer, then put your mind at ease until the machine notifies to let you know that the clothes are ready. Depending on the amount of manual labor you want to do and the functions you wish to have, you can choose between the two.

Classification of Washing Machine

Front-load or Top-load washing machine: Top load and front load are the primary washing machine designs. The door placement is the easiest way to tell these two styles apart. In contrast to the front load, which has the door in front or to one side of the machine, the top load requires that the clothes be loaded from the top. While front-loading is more expensive but offers better wash quality with features like child locks, hot water supplies, timers, etc., top loading is a more cost-effective option that will give you fewer advanced features.

The capacity of the washing machine: You can choose a suitable capacity based on how frequently you like to wash your clothes and the size of your family. The typical load capacity of washing machines on the market is 6-12 kg, like a 6.5kg semi automatic washing machine online. Depending on your needs, you can select the right preference. The suggested capacity for a household of 2-3 people is 7-8 kg, while 9-10 kg is ideal for a family of 4-5 people. For a household with more than five people, an 11–14 kg washer is better.

Energy consumption: An excellent way to lessen your environmental impact and save money is to purchase an efficient washing machine. Front-load washing machines with inverters are more energy and water efficient than other types of washers without sacrificing cleaning effectiveness. So that your laundry consumes less power and water, you should check if an inverter is available in the washing machine.

The features offered in the washing machine: While thinking about purchasing a washing machine, there are numerous additional features you can add to the list. These features reduce your laundry burdens and can be the deciding factors: quick wash, plasma cluster technology, no holes tub, smoke and fragrance function, spin cycle, fuzzy logic, temperature control, time-delay option, etc.

● Material of the washing tub: The material of the washing tub is another crucial consideration before making a washing machine purchase. The tub usually is of porcelain enamel, toughened plastic, or stainless steel. Since enamel rusts and chips, plastic is a preferable material. However, if you choose the best, tubs should unquestionably be stainless steel. It is more resilient and keeps working for as long as the machine does. They can function well even at high spin speeds and are more potent than plastic tubs. Additionally, stainless steel drums use less energy.

● Wash settings of the washing machine: The washing machine is not the right one for your clothes if it cleans silk with the same hardness that it uses for jeans or other denim clothing. By suggesting suitable wash programs for various types of clothing and fabrics, wash settings protect you from making arbitrary guesses. You should carefully wash delicate fabrics like silk to prevent abrasive wear and tear. Similar to how dirty clothing needs additional rinsing to help remove tough stains.

● Warranty offered and the safety options: It would be better to get a washing machine that is under guarantee for a more extended period. Make sure that all the parts of your washing machine are covered. Also, look out for the safety options provided with the washing machine: child lock, auto-restart, overheating control, quick wash, fuzzy logic, over-flow, and under-flow control.


Be sure to look at these points before you buy a washing machine online. Making the correct choice for your washing machine would save your time and money and make your life easy by easing the workload.


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