BSNL announces broadband plan that includes 5GB of data


BSNL announces a Free broadband plan for new and existing customers and for landline users to help with working at home.

Vivek Banzal BSNL Director (CFA) made a statement stating that Broadband service has been provided free of charge for a month, with 5GB data available to all residents across the nation that do not have any broadband connection but have a BSNL landline. This means that they are able to use the service to learn at home, work from home or do anything else to reduce the necessity of moving outside.

This Friday, the Indian public sector telecom firm BSNL provided a month broadband for free for new and landline customers.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak numerous companies and organizations have asked employees to work at home. The purpose of this program is to assist people to help them work at the comfort of their homes.



BSNL Director (CFA), Vivek Banzal declared that all citizens of the nation will receive free broadband service for a month. The director also added that, if new customers choose to connect via optical fiber they won’t have to pay for even the cost for installing it.

But, they’ll need to use modems in order to connect. BSNL customers are able to apply for the connection via the phone in the phone.

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Vivek Banzal further stated that the service will be accessible to customers with an BSNL landline but no broadband. Another BSNL official confirmed that the service is for customers who are new and after one month of service, they’ll be required to purchase additional services.

They can utilize it to work from home, studying from home or for any other job that has to be performed in the outside world.

Vivek Banjal stated that we’ve made the whole process completely paperless. Customers who select broadband with optical fiber won’t be charged to install broadband. He also added that customers don’t need to visit Our Customer Service Center for broadband service.


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