Best Ways to Save Zimbra Emails to Hard Drive

save zimbra emails to hard drive

Boingam | In this guide, you will learn methods to save Zimbra emails to hard drive. To get all the possible solutions for doing this task in an easy & quick manner. For this users need to read the complete article to convert Zimbra email to a hard drive easily. Let us take a little look at the user query!

“Hi, My system just switched to the Zimbra program for regular business communication. Because of the bad past experiences, we don’t want to take any kind of risk with the data this time. Therefore, we are seeking a dependable solution to help in saving Zimbra emails to the hard drive. So, please anyone guide me to a reliable solution for the same.”

Zimbra TGZ is a free opener that works with all Windows-based operating systems. Easily view Zimbra items such as Calendars, Contacts, tasks, and Emails. Therefore, it preserves data integrity while loading and viewing the Zimbra structure. And Preview an unlimited number of Zimbra files to save time by previewing Zimbra data.

To perform these two methods manual as well as automated solutions you need to use the following working steps. Let us start the process one by one using these two solutions.

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Saving Zimbra TGZ Emails to Hard Drive – Manual Method

If you want Zimbra to save the email to the hard drive manually. Then, you need to export coveted files to Outlook Data File for the same. Let us perform it using the manual method with the following steps:-

Step 1: Export Converted Files to Outlook Data File

Now, you can export your emails from Outlook to your system in an Outlook-supported file format. Go step by step to save Zimbra emails to the hard drive:-

  • Firstly, select Open & Export from the left pane after clicking the File tab. Select the Import & Export tab to save Zimbra emails to the hard drive.
  • In the Import and Export Wizard, choose Export to a file from the list
  • Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) option and hit Next
  • Then, choose the folder that contains the Zimbra backup files
  • To save the file, click the Browse option and navigate to the chosen destination
  • In the end, examine the previously given location for the stored PST file.

Your files have been saved to your hard drive in the Outlook accessible file format. After performing the manual method we see that users are facing issues while during the conversion. Now, don’t worry, in the next section, we are going to discuss the easy & quick solution to save Zimbra emails to the hard drive without facing hassle.

Instant Approach to Batch Save Zimbra Emails to Hard Drive

As we have seen in the above manual method, the process of exporting your emails to a hard drive is very long. Thus, to avoid such hassle, a user can use the utility that is most recommended by professionals.

Using the TGZ to Outlook PST Converter Software, you can easily save your data to the hard drive directly from the webmail without having to follow the long process. Moreover, it helps you to save the email in many different file formats like MBOX, PDF, and EML and not only .pst.

In addition to that, while you save Zimbra emails to the hard drive, it assures data structure and data security are maintained. It stores all of your data, including email messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, and attachments.

Now, let us move towards the software working solution to complete the process of saving multiple Zimbra emails to the hard drive.

Working Process Explained to Save Zimbra Emails to Hard Drive

Follow the working process to complete your entire task using automated software in an easy & simple manner. Let’s take a look at the same:-

  1. Launch and run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Now, Add TGZ File or Folder to the tool
  3. Preview Zimbra TGZ File All Items in the tool panel
  4. Finally, hit on the Export button to successfully finish the process.

Advanced Features & Benefits

Maintains Folder Structure: You’ll not find any difficulty in managing your Zimbra data in another application as the tool makes no changes to the folder hierarchy. Therefore, every folder will be kept in the same hierarchical order as it was in the Zimbra application, thus leaving no room for confusion and errors.

Convert Extracted Zimbra Folders: Although it allows you to convert Zimbra TGZ files and folders having TGZ files, if you want to extract TGZ data then you can also do so using the Add Extracted folders option of the software.

Keeps All Meta Headers Intact: It maintains intact all the email’s Meta headers, formatting, hyperlinks, images, etc. intact, Additionally, it also saves Meta properties of calendars, contacts, and other Zimbra items, in exact form.

Observational Verdict

In this write-up, we have discussed how to save Zimbra emails to hard drive. Here are the two ways which help users to complete their task of Zimbra save emails into a hard drive. First, is the manual method which is easy but difficult for non-technical users and it is a time taking process as well. But, you don’t need to worry, we suggest automated professional software to make your process easier. It allows users to save multiple Zimbra emails to the hard drive without losing any single piece of data information. And, both technical and non-technical users can easily perform the process using the tool. Also, there is no need to install any other applications. Now, choose as per your requirement.


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